The basics of how to serve great cheese - 6 Hot Tips

The basics of how to serve great cheese - 6 Hot Tips

So you've spent up big on some star cheeses but now you're a tad unsure of how to serve them? Well these simple steps will make you look like the cheese aficionado as your friends sing your praises for serving up flavours they couldn't even imagine.

1. Store Your Cheese Right

If you didn't read our blog post, The Basics of How to Store Great Cheeses, then do that first. You don't want to not even make the starting line with poor preparation.

2. Don't Serve Your Cheese Cold

Gooey CheeseThe ideal temperature for cheese is 22ºC. Although friends may tell you room temp, that can vary from cold to bloody hot! At 22ºC, your cheese will be at its optimum for texture, flavours and fragrances. An easy guide is get it out of the fridge about 1hour beforehand.

3. Don't Clutter your Cheese Board

Cutting the right angle on the cheese you want on a cluttered cheese board is a tad frustrating. Give plenty of room for each cheese for knife swinging room and so cheeses aren't man-handled by guests.

4. Have a Seperate Knife for Each Cheese and the Right Knife

Cheese KnivesTo be honest, a knife that has cut chevre, brie and blue one-after-the-other is annoying. There is beauty in savouring the flavour of a star cheese. A tainted knife taints the cheese. One knife per cheese. Simple. But also make sure you have the right knife. A hard cheese like a Pecorino or vintage cheddar can be hard to cut, so make sure they're sharp. Likewise, a soft gooey cheese is better paired with a pate knife. Impress with the right knife for the right cheese.

5. Beautify with Accompaniments

Adding some accompaniments such as thin slices of pear, figs and quince paste add a break between cheeses to cleanse the palate somewhat as a sorbet may do between courses at dinner. Although the stars of the show are the cheeses, consider the accompaniments as the props to make them look good. Let's face it, Marilyn Monroe used a subway grate as a prop and certainly made her look good.

6. Don't try and be tricky

Having fun with friends eating cheese and drinking wineEnjoy your cheese. Don't feel that there are strict rules with cheese. Cheese is a simple pleasure handed to us by Aristaios, the God of Cheesemaking. People love cheese and you are serving them something that is a pure treat. Enjoy and enjoy your company.

Do you have any cheese questions?

If you have any questions at all, let us know via our Facebook page. We want you to get the most out of your amazing cheeses. Cheese is a wonderful thing once you start exploring.

"Blessed are the cheesemakers"

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