Australian Coffee: Local, Sustainable and Delicious

Australian Coffee: Local, Sustainable and Delicious

We spend a lot of time talking, thinking, writing, dreaming and, of course, eating cheese. It’s our first love. It’s our business. It’s kind of our lives. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have other loves. When it comes to food, monogamy is most definitely overrated. And one of the biggest pulls on our affection – coffee. Specifically, Australian-grown, locally-produced, sustainable and delicious coffee.

Our Cheese Therapy Box was originally created to support local artisans who were doing it tough as a result of bushfires, droughts and, finally, COVID-19. Originally that focus was on cheesemakers. But over time, we realised a few things. First, people want more than just cheese (naturally). But second, those local artisans – whether it’s coffee, chocolate or wine – were struggling under the same harsh conditions as the cheesemakers. And we had a way to help.

Welcome Australian Coffee!

Skybury Coffee, Jaques Coffee, Zentvelds Coffee -- All Australian Coffee

So, we opened our virtual doors to Australian coffee (among other beautiful local products) and we’ve never looked back. Because in our opinion – Australian coffee is set to take over the world, and Australians agree. SBS has said, ‘The local coffee farming industry is thriving. In fact, from the Byron Hinterland to the Atherton Tablelands, it's been an effort to keep up with demand’.

There are good reasons why Australian-produced coffee is growing in leaps and bounds. It’s local, and in the wake of a worldwide pandemic that’s something we’re all looking for. It’s sustainable, which we need to always be considering if we want to continue to support our global environment. And, of course, it’s absolutely delicious.

So, let’s find out more about our local Australian producers – Jaques Coffee, Zentveld’s Coffee and Skybury Coffee.

Our Australian Coffee Producers – Jaques Coffee, Zentveld’s Coffee and Skybury Coffee

Jaques Coffee

The Jaques Coffee team are pioneers in the commercial coffee growing industry in Australia with three generations of coffee production knowledge guiding their business. They’re constantly evolving and innovating to incorporate better environmental and sustainable farming practices on their plantation in Mareeba Queensland. In fact, sustainability is so important to Jaques Coffee that their ethos is ‘Nature, Nurture, Nutrition’. They work with nature to nuture the coffee and have a positive impact while ensuring that nutrition is maximised.

Their 85,000 100% Arabica trees create a beautiful environment on their plantation, where they also have their own onsite roastery, a restaurant and café and a beautiful shop. It’s definitely worth a visit!

Try Jaques Coffee’s Espresso Roast. Their flagship double roast, it has been described as the ‘perfect fusion in your cup’ with hints of chocolate, honey, vanilla and caramel. Or try their Medium Roast with flavour notes of sweet spices, honey and chocolate and just a hint of jasmine. The Medium Roast’s long flavour profile is especially suited to those who prefer a simple plunger, pour over or drip filter coffee.

Shop: Jaques Coffee’s Espresso Roast or Medium Roast

Zentveld’s Coffee

In 1993, with no experience and just a 10kg roaster to their name, John and Rebecca Zentveld picked up sticks and moved from Melbourne to Byron Bay to follow their dream of making fantastic Australian coffee. And we’re so glad they did.

Byron Bay’s cooler subtropical climate means Zentveld’s team can manage their 40 acres of coffee trees naturally, without the use of harmful pesticides. All their coffee is grown organically, and is bird friendly and increasingly worm friendly to ensure the overall health of the soils, the coffee trees and the environment. Zentveld’s also actively grow cover crops, such as legumes, to add nitrogen back into the soil. Their sustainability and ‘green’ farming is something that Zentveld’s feels quite proud of.

When it comes to coffee products, they’re at the top of the class. Try the Byron Bay Blend, which is full bodied and well balanced with a smooth, nutty and dry finish. It’s got a lovely flavour profile of biscuits and chocolate notes which makes it an easy drinker with or without milk. If you want an award-winning espresso roast, try the Ernesto Roast. This medium-bodied roast has a smooth sweetness reminiscent of cherry chocolate and has won seven medals in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Shop: Zentveld’s Coffee Byron Bay Blend or Ernesto Roast

Skybury Coffee

Skybury Coffee is located on the northern end of the Atherton Tablelands, whose rich soil and temperate climate creates the perfect environment for growing the Bourbon variety of Arabica coffee. The Bourbon variety is one of the most culturally and genetically important C. arabica varieties in the world, and is known for providing excellent, flavoursome quality coffee.

Skybury’s team grow 90,000 spectacular flowering coffee trees. They harvest their red, sweet cherries each October, and process them in their onsite state-of-the-art processing facilities and roast them for the perfect 12 to 14 minutes.

Try the Microlot Peaberry Catui – a medium roast with beautiful flavour notes of buttery chocolate and just a hint of lime. Because the Peaberry is a rare, unique type of bean with a higher density, it creates a more concentrated flavour, aroma and distinct acidity. (Bonus – it’s wonderful with cheese!)

Or try the House Blend. The perfect blend between the medium and the dark roast it gives you the smooth, well-rounded brew.

Shop: Skybury Coffee’s Microlot Peaberry Catui or House Blend

It’s time for Australian Coffee to Shine

If you haven’t tried local, Australian coffee, it’s time to give it a go. Each of our producers – Zentveld’s Coffee, Skybury Coffee and Jaques Coffee – offer both delicious products, backed by a local and sustainable focus. Do good things by drinking good coffee. What could be better than that!

And if you feel like pairing some cheese with your coffee, we’ve got the goods! Read Cheese and Coffee Pairings to find out more.

We love our coffee, and you will, too! Order from our online shop for quick delivery (and don’t forget the cheese!).

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