Benefits of Sheep's Milk Cheese: Introducing Prom Country Cheese

Benefits of Sheep's Milk Cheese: Introducing Prom Country Cheese

Owned and run by multi-award winning artisans Bronwyn and Burke Brandon, Prom Country Cheese is based in the beautiful hills of South Gippsland, Victoria. Second-generation cheesemakers, the Brandons’ focus is producing sheep’s milk for cheesemaking, and they do it all – growing the pastures, caring for their land, breeding and milking, handcrafting delicious cheese and presenting their final products.

Sheep’s milk cheese is cheese with benefits, primarily nutrition and taste. And Prom Country’s beautiful animals produce milk that has these benefits in spades.

The world of Prom Country Cheese

In the rolling green hills of the Moyarra Valley in Southern Gippsland, you’ll find Prom Country Cheese. This is beautiful farming land, which makes for well fed, well cared-for, happy, healthy sheep.

During the summer months, the Prom Country team operates a farm gate cheese centre, open for tastings, platters, lunches, local farm produce, boutique local wines and craft beers. You can relax in the tasting room, which looks into the cheese production area, or take a seat outside and enjoy the picturesque scenery as you toast your good fortune. 

If South Gippsland isn’t in your neck of the woods, never fear, because Cheese Therapy can deliver delicious Prom cheesy magic right to your door, no matter where you live in Australia.

From paddock to plate, literally

The Brandon family are involved in every step of the paddock-to-plate process that results in the delicious range of Prom Country Cheese – from oozy soft cheeses to washed rinds and harder aged cheeses. Following sustainable, natural and ethical farming techniques, their vision is to create traditional cheese with pure, natural ingredients.

The benefits of sheep’s milk cheese

Prom Country might produce absolutely delicious cheeses, but they also produce cheese with amazing nutritional benefits. I mean, we love all cheese, but these benefits might be extra reasons to love sheep’s milk cheese.

Nutritional benefits

Cheese made from sheep’s milk is a nutrient-rich, wholesome product. And the cheesemakers from Prom Country are off to a winning start, as they control every step of the process, from well cared for paddock to well stocked plate.  

Sheep’s milk is naturally an A2-type milk, which means it’s easily digested. And it’s highly nutritious – richer in vitamins A, B, D and E, and higher in calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium than cow’s milk.

Sheep’s milk is also what’s known as a complete protein, which means it has all ten essential amino acids (which the body can’t make itself).

So – high in nutrients, antioxidant vitamins and other goodness – we’d say sheep’s milk cheese is a very beneficial thing to add to your next grazing platter.

Happy sheep, happy tastebuds

Happy, healthy sheep make delicious milk. From their rich, clean pastures, the Prom Country team selects their cultures which are then nurtured to achieve unique and complex flavours and diverse, delightful textures. Sheep’s milk has a high cream content, so it carries flavours well and creates smooth, rich textures.

At Cheese Therapy, we’ve somehow singled out just four of our favourites to showcase in our Prom Country Cheese Pack. As always, we’ve gone for a varied combo of blue, soft and hard:

  • Venus Blue. Award-winning and seriously delicious, this vibrant blue is matured for seven months and made with vegetarian rennet. With a grey-white crusty rind and moderate spread of blue cavities, the mouthfeel is mild and creamy. Venus Blue is perfect for your platter or pasta, sensational in salads and fabulous with fruit and nuts. Pair it with a dessert wine or Late Harvest Pinot Gris, and you can sit back and toast your delicious good fortune.

    Read Tasting Notes Venus Blue
  • This is a lively, savoury mature semi-hard cheese, with a mild to medium piquant flavour. Made from vegetarian rennet, Cheviot is firm and close-textured. Ideal for the table or grating, it’s a really versatile cheese. Serve it as a less salty alternative to feta in salads, quiches or frittatas. It pairs well with a dry white wine or Shiraz, or a wheat beer.
  • Woolamai Mist. More than a mist, this cheese blows a gale of gold-medal winning goodness. It has a light bloomy white coat and a depth of sweet, creamy flavours. The sheep’s milk, together with the traditional making process and long maturation, results in a rich, complex flavour profile with a long aftertaste. Woolamai Mist pairs well with a fruity wine or farmhouse cider.
  • Kongwak Reserve. If you’re from the Southern Gippsland, this truly tastes like home. It’s a sharp, crisp, hard vintage cheese with a hint of native Mountain Pepper berry, which gives a fresh eucalyptus aroma. Perhaps surprisingly, it pairs well with tea, which neutralises the peppery notes, and makes for a perfect morning or after-dinner accompaniment. 

From Prom Country to you, wherever you are

You are not going to find the delicious range of Prom Country at your local supermarket, so let us deliver the cheesy goodness direct to your door!

Our Prom Country Cheese Pack pairs well with our Grazing Box, which is full of local artisan goodness. Our partnerships with Australia Post and Home Delivery Service ensure that our cheese will find you, no matter where in Australia you live. With a few clicks from the comfort of your couch, you can open your door to cheese delivered, and so much more.

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Sheep’s Cheese, we love you

If you’ve never been a huge fan of sheep’s cheese, Prom Country’s cheeses will change your mind. Each cheese brings a unique, complex flavour and delicate texture that we’re pretty sure (OK, totally sure) you’re going to love.

Reap the delicious benefits of sheep’s milk cheese today with a Prom Country Cheese pack delivered to your door.

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