Best Christmas Gifts for the Cheese-Loving Dad!

Best Christmas Gifts for the Cheese-Loving Dad!

Christmas is coming up (and fast!) and as much as we love our dads (and we do!), they are notoriously hard to shop for. But if you’re sick of the same old bottles of whisky or boring ties, why not try something they’re sure to love – cheese (oh, and coffee and wine!).

At Artisans Bend by Cheese Therapy we’ve got you covered. We’ve pulled together the ultimate items to create some of the best Christmas gifts for the cheese-loving dad in your life.

The Best Christmas Gifts for the Cheese-Loving Dad in Your Life

With several oozingly delicious Christmas gift boxes to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice. You just have the hard part of picking which gift to get him!

Australian Cheese Christmas Pack

In the Australian Cheese Christmas Pack our expert cheesemonger selected the four cheeses that he would love to receive the most from his own kids. Following our winning formula of one hard (or semi-hard), one soft, one stinky and one blue, we start with the Fermier from L’Artisan.

Fermier translates to ‘farmhouse’ and this cheese is the essence of hand-made love. Imbued with a layer of ash in the process called Morbier, it is a true heritage cow’s milk cheese that dad will love.

After the semi-hard, dad can move onto the soft – a beautiful cow’s milk cheese, the highly popular Tarago Triple Cream by Tarago River in Victoria. This delicious triple cream brie is so buttery and smooth that dad won’t be surprised to find out it’s made from milk that comes directly from the dairy at Tarago River, some of the happiest and most loved cows on the planet.

The stinky cheese in this pack is the unctuous King River Gold by Milawa Cheese Co. A sensational, golden, complex cheese, King River Gold has a slightly salty crunch that will keep dad coming back for more!

Finally, the blue! The aptly named Blue Cow by Nimbin Valley Dairy in New South Wales. With its smooth, velvety texture and blue veins, it’s like a delicious piece of art. 

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World Cheese Christmas Pack

If your dad is more of an international gourmand, the World Cheese Christmas Pack might be the perfect gift. In this pack you get our top four international cheeses, including a hard, soft, stinky and blue.

Start with beautiful ever intriguing and very surprising Barely Buzzed from American Cheesemakers, Beehive Cheese Co. A cheddar-like cheese that is literally coated in roasted coffee, ground together with French lavender buds. Yes, sounds odd but trust me, this is divine! Rather than flavours of coffee or lavender buds, the cheese imparts delicious earthy butterscotch/caramel notes.

Then move onto Saint Angel by Fromagerie Guilloteau in France. If any of you know d'Affinois, then you know these makers. Saint Angel doesn't fail to deliver to the goods. It truly is silky, creamy cheese that surely must be made by angels!

Australia's contribution to the World Pack is Grotto by Apostle Whey in Victoria. A decadent, golden washed rind cheese that is washed daily in a secret recipe brine. Dad will love to nibble on this cheese with a nice cold ale or cider!

Finally, dad’s box is finished with the beautiful famous French blue, Roquefort. Created by Papillon, this blue is smooth, creamy and leaves a tang on your tongue dad’s not likely to forget. 

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Hampers featuring Cheese, Wine, Coffee and more!

Gift one of our Christmas Hampers and it’ll be literally everything dad could want.

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Australian Cheese, Wine & Coffee
Australian Cheese, Wine & Grazing Pack
World Cheese, Wine & Coffee
World Cheese, Wine & Grazing Pack

The Grazing Box

Our Grazing Box is the perfect addition to the gift of cheese, complementing and enhancing it, and just making it that much more enjoyable. The Grazing Box contains delights from four small Australian artisan producers:

  • Sourdough Lavosh by Silver Tongue, a delicious sourdough cracker, by Silver Tongue Foods (QLD)
  • Handmade Marinated Baby Figs by Far Meadows Lodge (NSW)
  • Orange, Cinnamon and Cayenne Dark Chocolate by Jasper & Myrtle (ACT)
  • Deliciously sweet and stinky Quince Paste and Pear & Pink Pepper Paste by Ugly Duck Fine Foods (QLD)

And Then There’s Wine!

If dad loves a cheeky glass of wine with his cheese, then the best Christmas gifts have to be one of our specially selected Christmas wine, cheese and grazing hampers. A Father’s day pressie that also gives the gift of locally sourced, delicious wine? What could be better than that?

And we’ve got some of the best local wines going. You won’t find these at your neighbourhood bottle-o, and each bottle has been curated to match with our beautiful cheeses. Think Bronze Medal Winner, 2018 Zip Line Shiraz, with its dense rose petal perfume, plum quince fruits and a hint of vanilla. Or the Silver Medal Winner, 2020 Tru-Su Rosé, the perfect pairing with a cheeseboard with its zingy snap of acid and dash of red berry fruit sweetness.


But First, Coffee!

If your dad’s like any of the rest of us, coffee is one of the first things on his mind every day. And we believe the best Christmas gifts start with something that dad can use straight away – that’s why we love our wine, cheese and coffee hampers for Christmas!

What could be better than starting dad’s Christmas morning with locally sourced, Australian grown and produced coffee! Our Christmas Hamper Australian Cheese with Wine & Coffee is chock full of goodies… and Jaques Australian grown coffee!

Jaques' flagship roast from the coffee beans they harvest each year - recommended for all the coffee lovers out there! To create the perfect fusion in your cup, they hand blend the perfect selection of green beans which they slowly roast - perfect for your morning, midday or anytime time of day coffee. Yum! 

Or try our World Cheese with Wine & Coffee Christmas Hamper. In this delicious box you’ll get our Globetrotter Pack with four of world's best artisan cheesemakers, A choice of one of Brockenchack's stunning wines and, a 1kg bag of Espresso Whole Beans from Tanna Coffee, who purchases their beans from small family run farms in Vanuatu!

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Australian Cheese, Wine & Coffee
Australian Cheese, Wine & Grazing Pack
World Cheese, Wine & Coffee
World Cheese, Wine & Grazing Pack

The Wheel

If your dad isn’t into all the fancy schmancy bits and bobs, grab him an old-school whole wheel instead. There’s something festive and indulgent (even for the toughest of dads) about slicing into an entire wheel of cheese that makes it one of the best Father’s day gifts.

We have a range of cheese wheels to choose from - which one has your dad's name written on it?

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Easy Ordering and Delivery

We deliver to most of the country via cold courier and you’ll receive text messages letting you know when your gift is dispatched, on its way and been received. Easy (and you don’t even have to leave home)!

We’ve got everything you need for the best Christmas gifts. Let dad know you love him – with cheese!

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