Cheese and Coffee Pairings: Introduction to Skybury Coffee

Cheese and Coffee Pairings: Introduction to Skybury Coffee

It’s no secret that we adore cheese here at Cheese Therapy. But did you also know that we love our coffee almost as much? In fact, besides cheese and wine (a match made in food heaven), cheese and coffee is our favourite pairing – especially when it’s just a smidge too early to start imbibing. We’ve often had people surprised to see us serving espresso with brie, but cheese and coffee pairings are more common than you might at first think.

The Scandinavians enjoy cheese with their morning coffee and often serve thinly sliced ham and Havarti or Edam cheese for breakfast. The Swiss invented the cheese Danish (which has since been named for the Danes who adopted it). And this cheese-filled pastry is typically served with coffee both in the morning and the afternoon. Even Australians drink coffee with cheese omelettes or ham and cheese croissants, a staple part of our iconic Aussie café culture.

While we enjoy the cheese and coffee pairings above of course, we also love to just create a mid-morning cheese platter to serve with our coffee. And because we think you’ll love it, too, we’ve pulled together our favourite coffee and cheese pairings for you.

Cheese and Coffee Pairings


Let’s Talk Coffee

When it comes to cheese and coffee pairings, we have to first talk about the coffee. Stories about coffee’s origination date back centuries, with one of the most popular claiming discovery by an Ethiopian goatherd going all the way to the 9th century. But it’s clear that whatever its origins, coffee spread quickly and far. By the 15th century it was being cultivated in Arabia and by the 16th century was well known in Persia, Egypt, Syria and Turkey. 

Today coffee is one of the most popular and widely consumed drinks in the world. In 2020-2021, nearly 170 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee were consumed across the globe. And it’s nearly Australia’s national drink as well. The revenue of cafes and coffee shops in Oz has reached around five billion dollars and an estimated 96,000 people are employed in those cafes and coffee shops.

Coffee’s popularity is wide and honestly earned, and we frankly couldn’t imagine life without it. Understanding how cheese and coffee pair together just makes sense.

Introduction to Skybury Coffee

When it comes to which coffee to pair with our cheese, however, we can’t go past Skybury Coffee.

Skybury Coffee is located on the northern end of the Atherton Tablelands, whose rich soil and temperate climate creates the perfect environment for growing the Bourbon variety of Arabica coffee. The Bourbon variety is one of the most culturally and genetically important C. arabica varieties in the world, and is known for providing excellent, flavoursome quality coffee. And Skybury’s coffee doesn’t disappoint.

From growing its 90,000 spectacular flowering coffee trees, to harvesting the red, sweet cherries each October, and from state-of-the-art processing facilities to the perfect 12 to 14 minutes of optimal roasting time, Skybury is at the front of its game. And its coffee proves that.

Microlot Peaberry Catui

Skybury Coffees’s Microlot Peaberry Catui is a medium roast with flavour notes of buttery chocolate and just a hint of lime. Because the Peaberry is a rare, unique type of bean with a higher density, it creates a more concentrated flavour, aroma and distinct acidity. Wonderful with cheese!

The House Blend

Skybury Coffee’s House Blend is their most popular coffee choice – for good reason. After all they’re master coffee roasters and they sure know good coffee when they taste it. The House Blend is the perfect blend between the medium and the dark roast at a 2:1 ratio. It gives you the smooth, well-rounded flavour profile of a medium roast, with the added jolt of rich and strong dark roast. Absolutely delicious.

Pairing Your Coffee with Cheese

When it comes to pairing your cheese and coffee, you should follow the basic wine and beer rules. In other words, mild cheeses (such as your d’Affinois) should be paired with a mild roast coffee, medium-roasts with your medium-strength cheeses (think, cheddar) and strong roasts with strong cheeses (stinky, for example).

So, when it comes to pairing with Skybury’s coffee, we often drink the medium Peaberry roast with cheddar (like the Pyengana Clothbound Cheddar), milder blues (such as d’Affinois Blue) and Swiss-style cheeses (such as Emmental De Savoie).

On the other hand, when we’re hankering after something a little deeper and richer, we reach for the House Blend. And we love to pair the House Blend with aged and wash-rind cheeses (such as Nashua Washed Rind or King River Gold stinky cheese). And if you order our Washed Rind Cheese Pack, the House Blend will be the perfect fit for any cheese in that grouping!

Of course, you’re wondering, what about mild cheeses? Interestingly, mild creamy cheeses actually work extremely well with espresso. Just take your coffee of choice, and make yourself a short black (add a dash of milk if you like). Serve it up with some beautiful d’Affinois or a light chevré (like our lovely Le Marquis Chevre) and we promise you, it’ll be a taste sensation. 

Pairing Your Coffee with Cheesy Food

Of course, we love to pair our coffee with cheesy baked goods and prepared food, as well. We find for those things, like the iconic ham and cheese croissant, you really can’t go past a delicious medium roast. It simply pairs well with the umami flavours of the cooked cheese, without overwhelming any of the other components. Give it a go with a melting Croque Monsieur or even a delicious French Onion Soup.

And let us know your favourite combo! We’re always looking for great cheese and coffee suggestions.

If you want to give coffee and cheese pairing a go, but you’re not sure where to start, grab the Skybury Coffee Tasting Pack. Matched with our monthly Cheese Therapy Box, you’ll be sure to find a winner!

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