Subscribe and Imbibe: Elevate Your Cheese Subscription with Wine

Subscribe and Imbibe: Elevate Your Cheese Subscription with Wine

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of family, friends, community, good health and self-care. For us, all of that is wrapped up in food. It’s a relaxation, a celebration, a way to pass the time, bring people together and show love. We love being a part of all of this with you, via our cheese subscription boxes.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s the deal with a cheese subscription box, we’re here to unpack it all for you (see what we did there?).  

So Much Cheese, So Many Benefits

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Believe us when we say that our subscription boxes equal cheese with benefits. Convenience and a whole new world of tastes and textures delivered to your door are just the start. Let’s walk you through what it means to become part of our cheese-loving community.  

Our Cheese Subscription Boxes

Our subscription boxes are:

  • The Therapy Box – four cheeses made by Australian artisan cheesemakers.
  • Globetrotter Pack – four cheeses made by Australian and international artisan cheesemakers.

The contents of each box change monthly, and we carefully curate the selection to bring you a range of tastes and textures. Both our Therapy Box and Globetrotter Pack always contain:

  • A soft, hard, stinky and blue cheese.
  • Accompanying tasting notes for food and wine pairings.

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Subscribe and Imbibe

Your box will arrive with Tasting Notes for each cheese. You’ll learn more about the cheese, its origin and artisanal maker. We include suggestions for food and pairings to create the perfect cheese platter, as well as any preparation tips so your cheese hits the platter in peak eating condition. And, of course, we include drink pairings.

When it comes to our suggested drink pairings, these range from sherry to chardonnay, pale ale to pinot grigio – whatever is best for your imbibe and subscribe combo. These can elevate your cheese platter from wonderful to out-of-this world extraordinary.

If you want to take it to the next level, why not add a Perfect Pairing Pack or Grazing Box to an order.

We created the Perfect Pair Wine Pack simply to bring you wines that go well with cheese. These wines are special, with only four bottles in each pack to help you relax and savour the moment. Even better, they support those small, local winemakers whose wine is a work of art, and not just a commodity. And because of that, the bottles are hard to get – usually only by appointment at the cellar door – and certainly not at your local bottle-o.

In addition to the Perfect Pair Wine Pack, you could also add the Grazing Box to your order. Each Grazing Box is stocked with handmade artisanal items made using Australian ingredients, and curated to pair perfectly with our cheese and wine:

  • Sourdough Fleur Lavosh by Silver Tongue
  • Marinated Baby Figs by Far Meadows Lodge
  • Raspberry & Chilli Dark Chocolate by Kokopod
  • Quince Paste and Pear & Pink Pepper Paste by Ugly Duck Fine Foods

We bring the cheese, the crunch, the texture, the sweet and the wine. It couldn’t be easier to order online, then relax and wait for your delivery to arrive at your door.  

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The Nitty Gritty of Delivery to Your Door

Each subscription box can be ordered as a one-off purchase. You control how often your subscription box arrives, whether monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or half-yearly. As for the nitty gritty of our regular deliveries, here’s what you need to know:

  • Each cheese weighs approximately 150g – 200g. Sometimes we find a cheese that is so amazing or rare we tiptoe outside this weight guide to bring it to you.
  • We ship our subscriptions in the second week of each month. This applies too to one-off purchases of our subscription boxes. We can delay your shipment if you let us know.
  • If you sign up for subscription later in the month, we will ship to you when we receive your order – unless that month has already sold out. In that case, your subscription will start the following month.
  • Our subscriptions are for a minimum of three deliveries. You can pause, skip months or change address at any time – just let us know. Our customer service team can assist you with any cheese-related enquiries.
  • No matter where you live, our cheese will find you. We deliver to most of the country via the refrigerated trucks of Home Delivery Service, and to all other addresses via Australia Post. Get all the details about delivery.

We Are a Cheese Loving Community

We know you’re passionate about what you put on your platter and pour into your wine glass. Our cheese-loving community includes likeminded, passionate makers, growers, farmers and families who make the best cheese, wine, chocolate, coffee and more.

When you receive your subscription box each month, you discover delicious new cheeses and support the hands that made them. And when you order the Perfect Pair wine to go with it, you’ll have everything you need without leaving home. We like to think of it as a global farmers’ market, or the world’s best wine-and-cheese fair.

Don’t wake at dawn to gather your shopping bags and find a good car park before things sell out. We’ve done the hard yards for you to gather the best cheeses and local wines in one location. You can’t buy them in your local shop – but with a few clicks, they can be delivered to your door.

You’re supporting local farming communities all over Australia and the world via our subscription boxes. So, fill your platter, get on board and share in the love of cheese and wine.

Give the Gift of Cheese Subscription

One final thought to leave you with. Imagine opening your door to an unexpected cheese delivery! What a wonderful way to send your love, thanks or thoughts. Either our Therapy Box or Globetrotter Box would make your special foodie someone’s day.

Subscribe and imbibe in the best possible way, by ordering your cheese subscription today.
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