Gift Hampers Aren’t Just for Gifts

Gift Hampers Aren’t Just for Gifts

Giving gift hampers for birthdays, anniversaries and thank yous is a great thing – after all, people love, love, love getting gifts of food (especially cheese, chocolate and wine, naturally!).  But gift hampers aren’t just for… well, gifts. Hampers can be excellent complements to many other activities and events in your life.

From date nights end of the year parties, here are some of our favourite non-gift ways to use gift hampers.

Gift Hampers Aren’t Just for Gifts

Date Nights

Whether you’re a new couple or long-time lovers, you definitely deserve a date night. However, getting organised for one can sometimes be more difficult than it needs to be. From booking a restaurant to finding a sitter, to thinking of something that you’d like to do with your partner – it’s easy to let things get stale (ahem, ahem).

Why not try a gift hamper! Your date night could be travelling around the world through our Globetrotter’s Pack, or trying a new artisan cheese maker each month. Even better – why not grab our Mystery Box. You’ll have a great time unwrapping your surprise for your date night.

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Gift hampers are made for picnics. And it doesn’t have to be romantic (though we wouldn’t say no!). Grabbing a bunch of friends and heading down to the lake, the beach, the river or even the local park, is a fantastic way to spend a winter arvo. And our Australian Cheese + Wine + Grazing Box is the perfect, easy way to make the afternoon with your friends truly enjoyable.

This box includes an indulgent cheese pack, a complementary Grazing Box and delicious wine from the small Barossa winery, Levrier.

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State of Origin

The State of Origin (or any footy game, really) is the perfect time to break out the cheese platter. We’ve long evolved past sausage rolls and XXXX (OK, we’ll never be truly past those, and we’re OK with that) – and now it’s perfectly acceptable to have beautiful cheeses with smart wine pairings while you cheer on your favourite team.

When you order a gift hamper or a cheese box everything comes packed up and ready to eat for you. No fuss. No muss. All you have to do is open the box, pour the wine and settle back to watch the big page. And if you get the Just Like Jack Pack you can do some good at the same time.

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Lockdown Life

You might still be experiencing some lockdowns (we’re looking at you Melbourne, sorry!), and a gift hamper Melbourne is a great way to try something new from your own home. If you’re in this situation, we (highly) suggest a gift hamper with wine pairings. Or grab our Mystery Box and bring a little suspense and interest into your life.

No matter what you choose, every gift hamper Melbourne can wing its way to you safely and hygienically so you never have to worry.

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Friday Night Office ‘Drinks’

Australian’s are slowly making their way back to the office, and that means Friday night office ‘drinks’ are slowly making their way back into the world. Why not complement a great night out with colleagues with a little gift hamper of cheese?

Even better, if you purchase our St Mary’s House of Welcome Box for your office drinks every $15 will go directly to the meal program at St Mary’s House of Welcome. So, you can enjoy delicious Australian cheeses while supporting a great cause. That’s definitely something your office can get behind.

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‘Take a Plate’

The ‘take a plate’ of your nanna’s day is a little old-fashioned. Now you’re more likely to have people say, ‘just bring yourselves’. But it’s still technically great manners to bring something when you’re going round to a friend’s place for dinner or a BBQ.

So, the next time a friend extends an invite, don’t just ask, ‘what can I bring?’ Instead say, ‘how about if I bring some cheese?’ A gift hamper makes a great (and delicious) addition to any dinner party. And it couldn’t be easier, or more welcomed.

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End of Year Party

It might feel a little bit early, but the end of the year will be here before we know it. And organising an end of the year party might be something that will soon appear on your to-do list. Whether it’s for a rugby break up, your staff holiday party or a Christmas party for your competitive knitting group (is that a thing?), grabbing one, or two, or even ten gift hampers is an excellent and super easy way to make sure you have all the nibbles you need to make the party one to remember.

We recommend the World Cheese + Wine + Grazing Hamper. A celebration deserves something amazing – and this world hamper is definitely that.

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Whenever else delicious food takes your fancy.

At the end of the day, a gift hamper doesn’t always have to be a gift to others. It can be a gift to and for you. Being able to enjoy delicious (and fully curated) cheese selections, paired with beautiful wines, coffee, crackers, jams, chocolates and other amazing products, all while making your life easier (heaps easier) is pretty much a recipe for food heaven.

So plan that date night, start making lists for your end of year party, but don’t worry too much about nibbles. We’ve got that covered.

Don’t just take our word for it. Order a gift hamper today, and put it to use for you.

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