How the Therapy Box came to be

How the Therapy Box came to be

Therapy Box

This is cheese on “god mode”…

I know, it’s a bit of a big call but hear me out…

When we created The Therapy Box it was for one reason.

To help small Australian cheesemakers survive 2020.

You see, it all started with the bushfires when we created this idea.

One of our cheesemakers cried out for help back in January 2020.

Milawa Cheese Co lost all their summer trade because of the bushfires.

They had spent months making cheese but the tourists never came.

They were facing financial ruin.

They called out for help and so we created the first Therapy Box.

A pack of four amazing cheeses, specially selected and ripened by the cheesemaker.

We asked Australians to help this small business in need.

And Australians responded by buying The Therapy Box

In just one month we sold so many Therapy Boxes

That Milawa completely cleared out their cheese cave

And got them back on their feet to fight another day.

Milawa was saved, but then COVID happened just three weeks later.

All of a sudden, we had every other small cheesemaker on the phone.

Each day they called, asking for help.

You could hear the fear and uncertainty in their voices.

They wanted us to do for them, just as we did for Milawa.

And so we did. We stepped up and kept going with The Therapy Box.

Each Therapy Box had cheeses from four cheesemakers.

As we sold out of a Therapy Box version, we’d create another with four other makers.

We had to keep pushing to keep these cheesemakers going.

But it wasn’t just the cheesemakers in a perilous situation.

It was their employees, dairy farmers, delivery drivers, rural communities and so many more.

This was no longer about great cheese. This was about helping Australians in need.

Since January, The Therapy Box has helped almost 20 small cheesemakers.

And it has kept hundreds of people in employment.

It has helped regional and rural communities do it a little easier.

We will continue with The Therapy Box while our small cheesemakers need a hand.

And while they still need help, we will continue to send The Therapy Box to every single corner of this great country.

Who would have thought that such a simple thing as a black box of cheese could have such a massive effect.

Our small cheesemakers make amazing cheese.

Every piece is filled with passion and dreams.

So when you sit down with your next Therapy Box, please remember that you have done a great thing.

And hundreds of people around the country applaud you for your support.

Yes. The Therapy Box has made a difference. A big difference.

And it will continue into the future because Australians love helping Australians.

Thank you.

To continue to help, simply click this link to get the latest The Therapy Box -

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