How to Create Beautiful Cheese Platter Boards

How to Create Beautiful Cheese Platter Boards

There really is an art to creating perfectly balanced cheese platter boards, and today is your lucky day. We’re going to talk you through the simple magic to creating a picture-perfect platter full of delicious, complementary cheeses, tastes and textures.

People Eat With Their Eyes First

Simple as that, we all see food before we eat it. So, let’s make a cheese platter board that will be the beautiful AND delicious centerpiece of your next social occasion.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to arranging your platter. There are no hard and fast rules, but we like to group things that go well together, so they’re easy to reach. If you’re after a little more of an organised aesthetic for your platter, we’re here to walk you through it.

Beautiful Cheese Platter Boards 101

Let’s start with the basics, and by that we mean cheese. And bowls, but more about them later. Three to four cheeses are the perfect number for your board. Aim to include a hard, soft, blue and stinky. You can include a good range of delicious styles and textures, but you don’t want to overwhelm your guests’ palette. Expert tip – bring your cheeses to room temperature before serving, to bring out their flavour.

A good way to think about a round or square platter is like a clock. Place your cheeses at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. And if your platter is more a skinny rectangle, think socially distanced cheese, spread out equally in a line. We need breathing space to appreciate the cheese and make room for accompaniments and allow easy (and quick!) access.

Our last tip for the basics is to place a small bowl or glass at 1 o’clock (or next to a cheese on your skinny rectangle) and move on to the next step.

Cheese comes first

A range of taste, texture and style is good to aim for. A great way to achieve this is to choose one of our subscription boxes, or one of our curated cheesemaker boxes. This way, all the hard decisions about which cheese plays nicely with other cheeses have been made for you. All our boxes are curated to ensure the styles, tastes and textures go beautifully together. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • The Therapy Box is curated each month to include a hard, soft, stinky and blue from four different small, artisanal cheesemakers. Each month brings a fresh opportunity to discover fantastic moreish Australian cheeses. Along with the cheese you will receive Tasting Notes with suggested food and drink pairings.
  • The Globetrotter Pack changes each month to bring you four amazing boutique cheeses from around the world. This Pack also includes Tasting Notes with suggested food and drink pairings.
  • The Milawa Cheesemaker Pack contains some of our absolute favourites. Happily for your cheese board, this pack includes a hard, soft, stinky and blue. It’s the perfect pack to purchase for a cheese platter board for any occasion.
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All about accompaniments

It’s time for accompaniments. Every good cheese platter board needs sweet, salty, crunch and texture. Here’s how to lay them out so they have a little room to breathe, so hands can reach in and your guests can appreciate the cheesy beauty:

  • 1 o’clock is for a glass or little bowl for easy to reach, interesting crunch, which also adds a bit of height to your board. Think lavosh crackers, grissini or puff pastry twists.
  • 2 o’clock is texture time. Pastes and spreads. Quince, pear or plum are particularly good.
  • 4 and 5 o’clock are for charcuterie. Prosciutto, salami, chorizo, mortadella, sopressata, we could go on. Fold your charcuterie into quarters and layer them against each other so they’re easy to pick up.
  • 7 o’clock is for flat crackers or baguette slices, if you’re after more crunch and your board has plenty of oozy, gooey cheese to spread.
  • 8 o’clock is for breathing space, an extra knife, toothpicks, wriggle room so your platter isn’t overloaded.
  • 10 and 11 o’clock are for sweet and salty. Marinated baby figs or dried fruits are perfect on a platter, as are seasonal fruits – berries, grapes or slices of green apple or pear. Olives and nuts bring the salt.

If you add our Grazing Box to your cheese order, you’ll be well on your way to completing the clock. Even better, each product has been handmade by artisans using Australian ingredients and curated to pair perfectly with our cheeses:

  • Sourdough Fleur Lavosh by Silver Tongue
  • Marinated Baby Figs by Far Meadows Lodge
  • Raspberry & Chilli Dark Chocolate by Kokopod
  • Quince Paste and Pear & Pink Pepper Paste by Ugly Duck Fine Foods
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Finishing touches for your cheese platter boards

As a finishing touch, your cheese platter board may welcome a pop (or two or three!) of colour. Anything you add to your platter should be edible, as your guests will assume everything is fair game (and a broken tooth would certainly detract from the party vibe). Fresh herbs such as basil, thyme, chives or dill are a lovely, fresh addition and have the added benefit of smelling divine.  

Our final tip is for you as host to cut into your cheeses. Guests are often reluctant to make the first move, so remove a wedge from each of your cheeses and lay them ready to eat on a cracker or baguette slice. Or you can always get a head-start and eat each delicious wedge yourself!

Keep it simple. We’ve curated fantastic combos of cheeses so you can assemble a deliciously beautiful cheese platter board sure to delight your guests.

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