Introducing Milawa Cheese – European-Inspired, Aussie-Made

Introducing Milawa Cheese – European-Inspired, Aussie-Made

Milawa Cheese Company. Make a note. They make incredibly delicious farmhouse cheese (plus they’re great people to know!). So, let’s get to know a little about Milawa Cheese.

Introducing Milawa Cheese

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David and Anne Brown founded Milawa Cheese Company in 1988, making their home in the historic Milawa Butter Factory, in the foothills of the Victorian Alps. Their mission was to make delicious Australian farmhouse cheeses inspired by European methods.

Thirty years on, family-run Milawa Cheese Co makes a wide variety of cheese from locally sourced goat and cow milk producers. They have a showroom and tasting facility, making it a must stop for local travelers. But no matter where you live, we can deliver their delicious cheese directly to your door.

We heart Milawa Cheese

We are all the heart hands for Milawa Cheese Co. Come on a little cheese-lovers journey with us, as we explore the range of Milawa cheese you will find at Cheese Therapy. We’ll also share a few tips with you, about what to pair with the cheese to create the perfect platter.

From Europe to Australia, with love

Each of Milawa’s cheeses have been developed by adapting European ‘recipes’ to suit the cheesemaking conditions on their doorstep. We’re talking local cows, local goats and the local climate. The Milawa team understand that the best cheese responds to the seasons – so, creating the flavour profile and cheese style that they want means knowing when the seasonal milk is right. And then grabbing that opportunity.

For over thirty years, Milawa has used traditional European cheesemaking methods combined with Australian passion and sheer hard work. This attention and single-minded determination have seen the MIlawa team go from a self-described ‘city upstart’ to a Lonely Planet ‘absolute must stop in the Milawa gourmet region’. All Milawa cheese is sustainably made, turned and washed by hand, making their incredible products a true labour of love.

The quintessential Milawa Cheesemaker Pack is a great way to discover this pioneering Australian cheesemaking family. We’ve chosen four of our absolute favourite Milawa cheeses, in our winning combination of hard, soft, stinky and blue. We think you will love them too.

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Plays well with others – discover the Milawa Cheese family

‘Plays well with others’ is news that every proud parent wants to hear. So come and discover our curated Milawa Cheese family and see how friendly they are.

Divinely stinky

If stinky cheeses are top of your list of cheesey-loves, you’ll find award winning King River Gold happily hanging out in our Washed Rind 4 Pack. The robust, stinky flavour of washed rind cheeses comes from the process of frequently rubbing a brine-based solution over the cheese rind during the maturation process. And the gorgeous King River Gold is a great introduction to this style of cheeses.

The King River Gold is a subtle stinky, gently rising up into your senses. Its rind is a delicate pink-orange colour, with a slightly salty crunch that gives way to an almost smokey, delicious, oozy interior. If you’re not sure about the stinky style of cheese, give the King River Gold a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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True Blue with Italian flair

Inspired by young and sweet Gorgonzola Dolce of Northern Italy, Milawa Blue was the first cheese created by Milawa Cheese Co. A mild, creamy blue cheese that is well-balanced, rich and buttery – Milawa Blue has been converting non-blue fans since 1988!

Milawa Blue is best mates with the deep fruity flavours of sour cherry and tangy dried apricots. An insider tip – it’s also really great with beetroot relish, a surprisingly sweet counterpoint.

Creamy Camembert

Camembert’s home is in Normandy, northern France. Milawa Cheese Co’s Camembert is made in the Normandy style, from local Whorouly milk. Its white bloomy rind and thick, buttery, oozy interior combine to create a sweet butterscotch texture as it matures.

This is the perfect cheese to slather onto a crunchy baguette or crispy lavosh while chatting with friends. Or bake it whole, and create a stunning, dipping centrepiece.

It gets better with age – David Brown Select Cheddar

You know a cheese is going to be good when it’s named after the company’s founder! David Brown personally selects Milawa cheddars to mature in their cheese rooms. The taste is sharp and fruity, well-aged and smooth on the palette.

David Brown Select Cheddar is delicious with apple and pear wedges or add it to a burger patty on the BBQ. We guarantee it will become your favourite cheddar.

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This goes with that – creating the perfect platter

If you’re looking to create the perfect cheese platter featuring the stand-out Milawa cheese, add on our specially curated Grazing Box. All you need to do is add friends. And wine (but more on that later!).

Each product in our Grazing Box is handmade by passionate local artisans, using Australian ingredients, making it the perfect pairing with the Milawa Cheese family. In each box, you will find:

  • Sourdough Fleur Lavosh by Silver Tongue
  • Marinated Baby Figs by Far Meadows Lodge
  • Raspberry & Chilli Dark Chocolate by Kokopod
  • Quince Paste and Pear & Pink Pepper Paste by Ugly Duck Fine Foods
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And now for wine

Last, but far from least, we can help you navigate the wide variety of wines that pair well with our range of Milawa Cheese Co cheeses. We won’t presume to tell you exactly what to drink with each cheese (we’ve been known to try pretty much anything!). But if you’re looking for a place to start give our carefully curated bottles in the Perfect Pair Wine Pack a go.

All our wine packs come with just four bottles, the perfect number to pair with four exquisite cheeses. Select just one bottle to try each week with your cheese platter and savour the moment. Or invite some friends round and try each cheese with each wine. It’s the best way to discover your own perfect combinations.

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Come and discover Milawa Cheese Co, delicious Australian farmhouse cheeses inspired by European methods and made with passion!

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