Perfect Presents for Men (When They’ve Got Everything)

Perfect Presents for Men (When They’ve Got Everything)

Why is buying the perfects presents for men in your life so hard? We’ve got the solution! Read on for our favourite cheesy gifts (and more)!

If you’re anything like us at Cheese Therapy, the men in your life can be hard to buy for. There are only so many socks, jocks and soaps-on-a-rope a man can keep in a drawer (too much info, we know). If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift this Father’s Day (or any other day) we’ll let you in on our little not-so-secret. The answer to every gift-list conundrum is cheese. Well, to be honest, it could also be wine, coffee or chocolate, but cheese will always shine.

So, get your list-making gear together, and settle in for a scroll.

Presents For Men

When you are chief present-thinker and present-buyer, coming up with ideas can be tricky. If we’ve learned anything over the past year or so, it’s that experience gifts are what matters. Sending love, sharing time, toasting together in person or online. It’s creating the moments that count. We hear you. But we’ve got fantastic gifts created to send or share as the ultimate present in a box.

Mr Impossible

For the man who has everything, we say not yet! If your man loves to indulge and try new tastes, one of our hampers will be his favourite present by far. Each contains four, artisanal cheeses, usually a soft, hard, blue and stinky, along with Tasting Notes for food and drink pairings.

Depending on Mr Impossible’s tastes, you can choose to add wine or coffee. And for a totally moreish present-experience, add in our Grazing Box for a gift that brings the cheese, the crunch, the texture and the sweet. Each product in our Grazing Box is handmade by artisans using Australian ingredients and curated to pair perfectly with our cheeses:

  • Sourdough Fleur Lavosh by Silver Tongue
  • Marinated Baby Figs by Far Meadows Lodge
  • Raspberry & Chilli Dark Chocolate by Kokopod
  • Quince Paste and Pear & Pink Pepper Paste by Ugly Duck Fine Foods
Order Australian Cheese with Wine and Grazing Hamper
Order Australian Cheese with Wine and Coffee Hamper
Order World Cheese with Wine and Grazing Hamper
Order World Cheese with Wine and Coffee Hamper

Mr Far Away

No matter where the man in your life lives in Australia, we can deliver your gift of cheese to his door. What fun to order the same cheese box – one for you, one for a gift, and then share the cheesy goodness virtually. Perhaps Mr Far Away has a favourite type of cheese. Our curated artisanal packs present the perfect choice. Toast to your excellent present prowess and share in the many happy returns together, whether near or far.

Order Soft Cheese Four Pack
Order Hard Cheese Four Pack
Order Blue Cheese Four Pack
Order Washed Rind Cheese Four Pack

Mr Strong

We might be going out on a limb with this one, but you never know. At Cheese Therapy, we not only have a wide range of curated, artisanal cheese packs – we also have whole wheels of cheese! If your Mr Strong loves to lift weights, why not send a wheel of cheese his whey. He can flex his muscles as he lifts it onto the cheese board, cuts a wedge and toasts your immaculate gift-giving powers. From soft and gooey Saint Angel French triple cream to semi-hard mature Grandvewe Old Man, click through to choose the perfect cheesy present.

Browse Wheels of Cheese

Mr Tender-Heart

If you have a man in your life who has a big heart, sign him up to our Just Like Jack Cheese Club. This is a subscription cheese club (with a minimum of three months cheese delivery) where $15 from each pack goes to support Just Like Jack.

The Just Like Jack community enables children with disabilities and their families to experience adventures and get the most out of life. Not only is this the perfect gift for the tender-hearted man in your life, but it gives an incredible gift to the community as well.

Order Just Like Jack Pack

Mr Adventure

If your man loves adventure, we’ve got local and international tasting adventures for him! The Therapy Box will take him on a taste test around Australia. And if his tastes go global, our Globetrotter Pack makes the perfect present, presenting him with an international adventure (of sorts) that he can take from his own back deck.

Both boxes come with four amazing, artisanal cheeses and Tasting Notes for food and drink pairings. We love a gift that shares the love with others, so this may just be the perfect choice.

Order Therapy Box
Order Globetrotter Pack

Mr Sweet

If your presents for men list is coming up blank, and you know your gift-needing man has a sweet tooth, look no further. We work with the very best artisanal, hand-crafted chocolate makers. They are involved in every step of the process, from growing the beans to harvesting to crafting the chocolate.

Choose from Gaston Chocolat made in Vanuatu or Kokopod from Yandina in Queensland. We’ve chosen a few of our absolute favourites to share with you in our chocolate tasting packs.  

Order Gaston Chocolat Tasting Pack
Order Kokopod Grazing Chocolate Pack

Mr Busy

If you need a present for a man who is constantly on the go, how about one of our coffee collections. We work with farmers and family businesses who are passionate about creating excellent coffee blends. We have coffees from Tanna Coffee in Vanuatu, Jaques Coffee and Skybury Coffee in Far North Queensland and Zentveld’s in Byron Bay.

Our curated packs will deliver your Mr Busy a blend that will fast become a favourite and give him the energy he needs to keep up his busy lifestyle.

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Browse Tanna Coffee
Browse Jaques Coffee
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Get in touch! We’re up for the task of helping you find perfect presents for men, no matter the particular Mr in your life.

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