Shrug Off the Winter Blues, With Cheese and Wine Hampers for Two

Shrug Off the Winter Blues, With Cheese and Wine Hampers for Two

It’s time for a date night! And there’s no better way to start then with cheese and wine hampers for two.

Winter is settling in. Long dark nights can sometimes leave you feeling the winter blues. But here in Australia, winter doesn’t mean dreary dismal days topped off with freezing nights. In fact, in a lot of the country, winter means beautiful cool days where the sun can gently warm your skin, and crisp nights perfect for rugging up in front of a crackling fire.

But if you are feeling the winter blues (or even if you’re not) we’ve got the perfect antidote – a cheese and wine hamper for two. Now might be the perfect time to start thinking outside the hamper when it comes to date night.

Shrug Off the Winter Blues With Cheese and Wine Hampers for Two


At Cheese Therapy we have curated some of the most delightful cheese and wine hampers for you. But many people tend to see these hampers as something to be gifted, rather than used and enjoyed for yourself. And while we hear our gift hampers make incredibly well-received presents, they’re certainly not exclusively for the enjoyment of others.

Why not use one to create a beautiful date night experience with someone you love?

Winter Date Nights (Featuring Our Cheese and Wine Hampers)

Fireside Picnic

It’s the perfect time to light a fire and get outside under the starlight. Add in your favourite person and our Australian Cheese with Wine and Grazing Hamper, and you have the perfect recipe for an incredibly romantic night with your partner.

In this cheese and wine hamper option, you’ll indulge in some of Australia’s best cheeses from our favourite artisanal cheesemakers. This includes a delicious hard cheese, a decadent soft cheese, a beautiful wash-rind and a moreish blue. But you’ll also get locally handmade accompaniments from sourdough crackers, chocolate for cheese, quince paste and marinated baby figs. Fill your glasses with the cool, crisp Brockenchack Riesling, an excellent counterpoint to the roaring fire.

Shop: Australian Cheese with Wine and Grazing Hamper

Netflix & Chill International-Style

Winter time is time for cosying up on the couch. But if you want to take date night Netflix and chill up a notch, it’s time to break out the wine and cheese hamper. Even better, why not give it an international bent. Pop on a romantic foreign film (we love Paris-Manhattan), and open our World Cheese with Wine and Grazing Hamper. You’ll literally have the world at your fingertips.

In our World Cheese with Wine and Grazing Hamper you get the best the world has to offer, starting with delicious international cheeses. These change with every hamper but will always include a soft, hard, stinky and blue option (and they are so good!) from countries such as France, England, Holland and more. Each of these will pair beautifully with our Hare Hunger Pinot Noir (which brings a bit of Oz to your world travels) and with the Raspberry & Chilli Dark Chocolate by Kokopod. Both are also part of your beautiful date night hamper.

You’re International Netflix and chill night is going to be a great adventure with our wine and cheese hamper!

Shop: World Cheese with Wine and Grazing Hamper

Lawn Games Extravaganza

Give a retro-themed date day a go with a lawn games extravaganza. We’re thinking croquet,  bocce, finska and even badminton (our personal old-school favourite). After some good, clean, old-fashioned fun, it’s time to roll out the picnic blankets and dig into your hamper of the day, our Australian Cheese with Wine and Coffee Hamper.

This hamper is perfect for your day outside because in addition to our beautiful Australian cheeses and a lovely Sevenhill’s Inigo Grenache, you also get local Australian Tanna Coffee. Bursting with a mild earthy flavour, this is the perfect coffee to have post a lovely lunch of cheese and a fantastic glass of wine. It’ll get you off the rug and ready to get back to the fun and games. This is the wine and cheese hamper (or should we say wine and cheese and coffee hamper) for a lovely, long afternoon in the winter sun.

Shop: Australian Cheese with Wine and Coffee Hamper

Take an Art Tour

Make like the Europeans and take an art tour of your local galleries and museums. It’s a fantastic way to see the local art scene, and just get out and do something different with your favourite person. Once you’ve seen two or three, stop at a local park or the riverbank and set up for a beautiful European-style picnic. Our World Cheese with Wine and Coffee Hamper is absolutely perfect for that.

Sometimes referred to as our ‘Love Hamper’ (especially by us, naturally!), this is the perfect wine and cheese hamper for your art tour date. It’s got an indulgent Globetrotter Pack, which features the best of the best international cheeses, paired with Brockenchack’s Sparkling Shiraz. Enjoy the celebratory feeling before finishing with Tanna Coffee’s signature Espresso Roast the perfect antidote to a relaxing afternoon in the sun.

Once you’re rejuvenated and ready to go, you can finish your art tour, or head onto your next romantic destination. The choice is yours!

Shop: World Cheese with Wine and Coffee Hamper (aka, the Love Hamper)

It Couldn’t Be Easier

The best thing about ordering cheese and wine hampers from our expert Cheese Therapy team? We’ve done all the hard work for you! Not only have we curated the most delicious artisanal products we can find, but we’ve also put them all together in one convenient hamper which can be delivered directly to your door.

All you need to do is invite your favourite person out for the day (or night). You can leave the rest to us!

Order your cheese and wine hampers today and get your winter date night sorted.

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