Vive la France and d’Affinois Blue!

Vive la France and d’Affinois Blue!

Just as Australians have tribal, state-based allegiances to everything from vanilla slices to football, the French hold similar regional affection for the local cheeses of their childhood.

For those raised in the Rhone Valley of France, their hearts belong to soft, creamy cheeses, such as d’Affinois, made by the innovators at Fromagerie Guilloteau.

Well, call us true blue Francophiles, because today we are embracing everything j’adore about Australia’s favourite French cheese. If oozy, creamy, soft, tangy, melt-in-the-mouth cheeses are your grazing platter go-to, then d’Affinois Blue will blow your mind.

d’Affinois 101 – how is it made?

First up, a little cheesy knowledge for you. d’Affinois cheese is a French double-cream soft cows’ milk cheese. It’s like a next-level brie, with the key difference being how it’s made – the magic of ultrafiltration.

The ultrafiltration process was pioneered by Jean-Claude Guilloteau back in 1981. In traditional cheese production, liquid whey separates from solid curd during the making process. As milk is nearly 90% water, it’s a messy business! Guilloteau combined traditional techniques with contemporary technology to create cheese a little differently and a little less messily.

Similar to homogenisation, the purpose of ultrafiltration is to remove the water from the milk at the start of the cheesemaking process. The milk is pasteurised and filtered through ultra-fine membranes, removing the whey but leaving behind good fat, protein and nutrients. All this goodness concentrates and distributes evenly through the cheesy paste.

More importantly - how does it taste?

The end result is consistent, nutrient-dense, more-ish cheese. d’Affinois cheese has a bloomy, edible white rind and soft, ivory interior. The cheese is extra dense, which helps hold its shape. The texture is silky and the flavour is subtle, creamy and buttery. It’s the perfect marriage of delectable, oozy, creamy goodness.

I guess that’s why they call it the Blue

Now you know about the magic of d’Affinois, let’s go full spectrum for the Blue. We like to think of it as the older sister of the d’Affinois – a little more smoky and edgy but still sweet at heart.

d’Affinois Blue is like a rich blue brie. It has a mild, edible rind and satiny texture. Its sweet, tangy, buttery interior is oozily spreadable with your finger and speckled with gorgeous blue veins. The texture reminds us of buttercream icing (Imagine a d’Affinois Blue wheel as birthday cake. Yes please!).

The blue veins give the tang and bite you’ve come to expect from the mould. Combined with the velvety, luscious d’Affinois texture, the taste is cheese heaven.

We reckon d’Affinois Blue is the blue for everyone, from aficionados to those who are new-to-blue. Everything about d’Affinois Blue is moreish – the texture, the taste, the tang and the oozy spreadability.

Your tastebuds will travel to France even as you relax at home, sharing stories of long-distant, passport-related trips.

Tasting Notes D’Affinois Bleu

Our tips for your d’Affinois Blue grazing platter

OK, so you know all about d’Affinois cheese and why the blue is the perfect cheese for every platter. Now it’s time to decide on how to carve up the platter real estate.

d’Affinois Blue is made for sharing and entertaining on special occasions, whether that’s a party for one, two or everyone you know. Our tip is to remove it from the fridge at least an hour before serving, which gives you plenty of time to get your accompaniments (and your outfit!) ready.

d’Affinois Blue is fantastic with crusty breads and crackers, as well as with dark ryes and rich fruit breads. Sweet accompaniments pair particularly well with d’Affinois Blue. Think sliced pear, roasted hazelnuts, olives, raisins, fruit spreads and figs.

We can help remove the platter guess work, with our expertly-curated artisan Grazing Box. It contains:

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  • Raspberry & Chilli Dark Chocolate by Kokopod
  • Quince Paste and Pear & Pink Pepper Paste by Ugly Duck Fine Foods

All of these go perfectly with the oozy, subtle, tangy creaminess of d’Affinois Blue. And the chocolate is a complete bonus, because let’s be honest, every occasion is better with chocolate.

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As for wine …

d’Affinois Blue pairs beautifully with almost any white wine, dry or sparkling. Try it with your favourites from the fridge, or one of our curated white wine packs can be delivered to your door. Each pack comes with just four bottles – the perfect number to avoid wine-selection overwhelm.

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In the kitchen with d’Affinois Blue

d’Affinois Blue is high in fat, so if you plan to cook with it, be aware it acts more like a ripened, creamy butter than a cheese. So, if you’re planning on heating up the kitchen, aim for some gentle melting action rather than fan-forced levels of cooking.

The creamy base texture of d’Affinois Blue is the perfect addition to any of your favourite creamy cheese recipes – think pastas, homemade sauces and salads, where your delectable ingredient will shine. Here are a few suggestions – they’re all great for a delicious, easy meal any time of the week.

  • Grilled cheese sandwich
  • Caramelised onion + d’Affinois Blue on lavosh crackers or toasted flatbread
  • d’Affinois Blue cheese sauce for steak
  • Leaf and pear salad with d’Affinois Blue and walnuts
  • Salad of iceberg lettuce, grapes, smoked chicken + d’Affinois Blue

Give it a go!

If you haven’t tried d’Affinois Blue yet, give it a go. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Love a Blue? Get to know Australia’s favourite French cheese, d’Affinois Blue today!

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