You feta believe it - all your feta cheese questions answered!


Feta cheese is a special kind of cheese. To the touch it's firm, yet soft. It can easily be broken apart into smaller crumbs. Often it's matured in a solution, such as a brine or other oils with optional additions for extra flavour. Because the feta often is cut into smaller cubes it takes up the flavour profile of the solution and additions of flavours placed with it, commonly being herbs, garlic and even chilli

The exact history is unknown, but it has been guessed and assumed by many that Feta cheese must have originated from Greece. It's also the country that has a special name and label for this cheese, calling it fetta with two t! This name of the cheese is PDO, meaning protected designation of origin, meaning that only cheese fulfilling certain requirements is allowed to be called Fetta! One of the requirements being that it's made in Greece! Other cheeses are consequently referred to as feta, with one t! 



  • Crumbly texture
  • Versatile, cook with it or enjoy as is! 
  • Matured soaked in a solution, such as brine or oil 
  • Traditionally made with sheep's milk

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