Cashel Blue - It’s come a long way from Tipperary

Cashel Blue - It’s come a long way from Tipperary

Cashel Blue It’s come a long way from Tipperary

Producer – Grubb Family

Origin - Ireland 

Milk Type - Cows 

Aging - 3 Months 

 It IS a long way to Tipperary, but this cheese will have you whistling Danny Boy and reaching for your penny whistle within just a couple of bites.

It may still be a bit of a secret here, but Ireland is renowned across Western Europe and the USA for the quality of its dairy products. Cashel Blue was not only the first blue cheese ever produced in Ireland but it was the first cheese in the English speaking world to provide genuine competition to the mighty Stilton. Its softer, creamier texture was initially met with as much suspicion as an Irish bar with no Guinness, but people swiftly came around when they realised just how delicious it was!

Beyond the cheeseboard this blue is ideal for sprinking on salads, baking on field mushrooms or as the ultimate accompaniment to a rare steak.


This cheese is firm yet with a far creamier texture than British blue cheeses. It is rich and has a slightly spicy note, whilst still being relatively gentle in flavour. 3 months of ageing allows the saltiness, earthy blue character and milky notes to soften and come together, resulting in perfect harmony on a biscuit.


The cheese is named after the Rock of Cashel – the local medieval Irish castle where good old St Paddy and his shamrock (the three leaf clover) started converting the pagan Irish to Christianity…

• Craft Beers
• Pinot Gris
• Gewürztraminer
• SGM Blends
• Botrytis Semillon
• Tawny Port

• Pears
• A drizzle of Acacia honey


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