Montgomery’s Mature Cheddar

Mature Cheddar - The Full Monty

Mature Cheddar The full monty...

  • Producer - Montgomery’s
  • Origin - England
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 12 months

Going the Full Monty might these days conjure up dubious images of unconditioned blokes whipping their underwear off in a working mans’ club, but traditionally simply means going the whole way, no holds barred.

Montgomery’s has always applied this philosophy to the production of this benchmark of farmhouse cheddar. Based in the West Country, a region famous for cider (pronounced ‘soy-derrrrr’!) and cheese, they are third generation cheese-makers with the farm having been in the family since 1911.

What makes Montgomery’s different is that they only use milk from their own herd of 200 Friesian cattle. Such freshness means it does not require pasteurisation, and it is therefore one of the only remaining unpasteurised cheddars in the UK today. The cheese is hand-formed, wrapped in muslin and aged traditionally on wooden shelves in their cheese cellars for a period of 12 months before shipment.


Cut into this and enjoy the crumbly texture of great artisan cheddar. Flavours are rich, robust and nutty, with meaty notes almost reminiscent of the caramelised edges of a good roast (well it is English after all!). The best part is that being unpasteurised, every single wheel is guaranteed to taste a little bit different.


Why is traditional, hand-made cheddar so different in texture from the rubbery supermarket style? The delicious dry, crumbliness has long been sacrificed by supermarkets simply to make their cheeses easier to cut…

• Pale Ale
• Merlot
• Tawny Port

• Chutneys
• Green Apples
• Muscatels



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