Bleu de Basque - Allex Les Bleus!

Bleu de Basque - Allex Les Bleus!

Bleu de Basque Allex Les Bleus!

  • Producer - Onetik
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Sheep 
  • Ageing - 3 months 

This beautiful blue is a cousin of the Ossau Iraty (one of the cheeses showcased in our first ever monthly pack). Traditionally it was only made whenever there was a surplus of milk at regional dairies, but these days demand has grown so much that it has been in full-time production since 2001.

The Bleu de Basque comes unsurprisingly from the Basque country, high in the Pyrenees on the French/Spanish border. This is a region renowned for incredible produce, most famously showcased in the small regional town of San Sebastian, the darling of the international fine dining scene. No foodie hipster worth his beard has not wolfed down his body weight in pintxos in one of the hundreds of incredible small tapas bars that line the streets of its old town.

Like Roquefort, this delicious blue is made from 100% sheep’s milk, which gives the cheese a real richness and depth of flavour, as well as a glossy look. By buying and eating this cheese you are supporting the generational shepherds of the Pyrenees and helping to ensure the traditional agricultural practices of the region are safeguarded for the generations to come.


This blue is the perfect balance of creamy and crumbly. The first thing to notice is that the blue veins running through the cheese are fine rather than dense, ensuring that the flavour is not overwhelming. The flavours are earthy and spicy, with the typical blue ‘tang’ being perfectly balanced with a delicious creaminess.


The best sheep’s milk is said to come during the lambing season in the northern hemisphere’s mid to late spring. This means that Australian winter is pretty much the best time to enjoy Bleu de Basque.


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  • Sauternes
  • Ruby Port
  • Green Apples
  • Pears
  • Walnuts
  • Crusty Bread
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