~ A flavour sensation of spring ~
One of the things we really love about Pecora Dairy is their passion to showcase their farm in their cheese. Creating cheeses from seasonal milk is just one way they can show the unique characters of their terroir. In each bite, close your eyes and it's easy to imagine the farm with the fresian sheep grazing in the stunning green pastures. Bloomy is made from the new season milk, the peak being in spring.
PRODUCER:  Pecora Dairy
ORIGIN: Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia
AGEING: 2-5 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10
• Rosé
• Pinot Noir
• Beaujolais
• Chocolate
• Pears
• Sourdough lavosh

Bloomy lives up to its name and holds flavours inside of it like a bouquet of flowers! It changes its flavour profile on the palate as it ages. When young it has hints of citrus, which later develops into a buttery, earthy and intense taste explosion! The exterior is unique, like every blossom is, during maturation it develops an ivory coloured, wrinkled outside. Once mature, this cheesey goodness will start to ooze out when cut.

Pecora Dairy's Cressida and Michael Cains are very young cheesemakers, only establishing in 2011. Coming from the wine world, it seems only natural to move into cheese. It wasn't until they were to have their fist chid that they made the move to a property an hour from Sydney. 
A long journey of research, development and passion has been the key that has put them on the platform they are now. Still a small maker, their passion lies in creating a sustainable and honest product that truly highlights seasonal milk and the terrior. I think we can all be thankful they decided to make the leap from wine to cheese!
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