Bolte's Bonanza

~ Bursts of Flavour ~
This is a delicious blue that has so many sensations in the texture that you'll be pulling some wow faces when tasting it for the first time! Bolte’s Bonanza is a blue vein that has been matured in wax, creating a creamy, moist cheese with an altered flavour and texture to a naturally rinded blue. You have a smooth texture and then crunchy crystalised blue vein pockets that burst in your mouth - it’s a blissful surprise with every bite!
PRODUCER:  Apostle Whey Cheese
ORIGIN: Cooriemungle, VIC, Australia
AGEING: 3 Months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10
• Sherry
• Port
• Whiskey
• Dried Cherry Sauce
• Figs
• Poached Rhubarb

What you get is very smooth on the palate tending to a slight sweetness. Warning - it's very moreish, as we found out! We polished it off in a matter of minutes!

Cheese Wax is a specialty wax used for preserving cheese. Unlike 100% paraffin-based wax it remains soft and pliable even when set and can easily be peeled away from the cheese without the wax cracking or crumbling in brittle pieces. It is coloured with food-grade colouring and commonly comes in Red, Yellow, Blue and Black. Waxing cheese preserves it while it is aging and also helps to retain the moisture in the cheese. Once cheese is waxed, the only worry the cheesemaker has is to continue turning the cheese regularly, keeping it in the right conditions and eating it when it is ready. That’s your cue to eat away!...
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