Caprinelle tome de chévre - Wow!

Caprinelle tome de chévre - Wow!

Caprinelle tome de chévre Wow!

  • Producer - Capitoul
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Goat
  • Ageing- 3 months

Quite often a goats cheese milk can be quite polarising.
People either love it or hate it. This Chèvre will really test
people’s personal thoughts as they taste quite a complex yet
subtle cheese.

Hailing from the French Basque region, we have found time and
time again this to be a suburb region for cheese making and this
Caprinelle is no exception. Due to extreme weather that can hit
both summer and winter, this cheese is quite a rare cheese only
being made with either the spring or autumn milks. Both have
significantly different flavours with the Spring milks having
grassy and floral notes while the autumn milk is richer in flavour.


The complexity of this cheese is quite interesting. The first
flavours are mild and nutty. Although the aroma is that of goat,
the hard nature and maturing of this cheese loses much of the
typical goaty flavours. As you hold the cheese in your mouth
longer, the flavours develop into those similar to the Swiss
Gruyeres. This cheese is such a delight!


Goat cheese fact of the day
Have you ever wondered why goat and sheep cheese is white?
Even though all dairy animals can graze on the same grasses,
cows are a little different in how they process the grass. Cow’s
milk has that typical golden hue due to the presence of
beta-carotene in their milk. Although sheep, goats and buffalo
eat the same grass, they convert this beta-carotene into
Vitamin A which is colourless. Go forth and educate.

Drink with
• Vintage Champagne
• Full-bodied, Structured Reds
• Dry Cider

Eat with
• Black Cherries
• Damson Paste

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