~ The Goat's Pyjamas ~

This delicious ivory-white aged goat’s milk cheese is matured by multi-generational farmhouse cheesemakers and affineurs Van der Heiden in Krimpenerwaard, just south of Gouda in The Netherlands.

Van der Heiden Kaas considers the quality of products to be of great value. This quality is reflected in all aspects of cheese production; from making cheese in a traditional way, storing, ripening on taste, treating, to a high-quality delivery. And this much of these delicate processes are done by hand, requiring incredible patience and skill.

These great skills built over the decades, are reflected in the quality of ripening of the cheeses. So Van der Heiden Kaas has grown and stands out as a leading cheese ripening company, which strongly supports the traditional approach with great craftsmanship. 

PRODUCER:  Van Der Heiden
ORIGIN: The Netherlands
AGEING: 6 months  |  MILK TYPE:  |  STRENGTH: 7/10
• Sauvignon Blanc
• Crisp Dry Rosé
• Bread
• Deli meats
• Honey
• Olives with fresh garlic

The taste of matured goat cheese is very distinctive. It is a semi hard cheese and crumbles when cut, making it a great choice to scatter through a salad. At first nutty to taste, then it gives way to a slight sweetness reminiscent of caramel. 


Dutch goat’s cheese forms the basis of this Chèvrano. To mature this gouda goat’s cheese, 5kg wheels are bound in cloth and sealed in wax. Then the wheels are placed on wooden planks, where they can develop into either a mild, matured or extra matured Dutch goat cheese, under the watchful eye of cheesemakers.

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