Clothbound Cheddar - From the most chilled cows on the planet

Clothbound Cheddar - From the most chilled cows on the planet

Clothbound Cheddar from the most chilled cows on the planet

  • Producer - Pyengana Dairy Company
  • Origin - Australia
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 12 months

Quite often you will hear cheesemakers talking about the
happiness of their cows to produce the highest quality of milk
possible. Many believe this to be the number one factor and
Pyengana have taken this concept to the stratosphere! On their
amazingly lush property 3 hours north of Hobart and 2 hours east
of Launceston, two rivers converge to create the quintessential Tasmanian vista.

The serenity of this location carries through into the most relaxed cows in the country.  Each cow decides when it will get milked as milking is done by robots. The cows come and go as they please. After milking, a big contraption,
similar to a shoe shiner, gives each cow a back scratch for as long
as they like. When they’ve had enough, they wander off again to
graze. This results in milk that creates the best cheddar in the

For four generations, the Healey family have been making
English-style cheddar from their Pyengana farm. To say they’ve got
a bit of experience is an understatement! To this day, they still only
make cheddar...12 varieties mind you and this one is
Australia’s best example of how a cheddar should be. It’s richness
of flavour, the butteriness and that earthy smell from the cloth make
this a gold. It’s no wonder that the famed Rockpool restaurant in
Sydney have a section in the cheese cave just for them.

Cheddar fact of the day
Australia is great at making cheese, but nearly all makers shy away
from cheddar, and for very good reasons. As a business, it’s easy
turn milk into camembert in less than a month and have it sold.
Cheddar, on the other hand, is a labour of love, fraught with
danger and expense. The maker puts their cheese away in their
cave for one to two years in the hope that it will taste great. Some-
times, yes. Sometimes, not so. The risk is high, but when it works,
it is a treasure to be shared. Pyengana have nailed it.

Drink with
• Stout
• Pale Ale
• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Chardonnay

Eat with
• Chutneys
• Muscatels
• Quince Paste

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