Cornish Kern - Best of British

Cornish Kern - Best of British

Cornish Kern Best of British

  • Producer – Lynher Dairies
  • Origin - England
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing -16 months

The region of Cornwall isn’t the first place that springs to mind
when it comes to world-beating cheeses, but the southwestern
tip of England continues to produce some cracking cheeses. Of
the sixty-odd varieties that come from the area, several have
been given the title of “Best of British” and even gone further
to gain acclaim at the World Cheese Awards. This cheese is no
exception having claimed Best English Cheese, Best British
Cheese for Export and the coveted Supergold at last year’s
World Cheese Awards.

This cheese is the modern British take on the dutch gouda. The
use of alpine starters give it more of a Swiss slant. The black
wax coating prevents the cheese from drying out as it matures
for at least 16 months. The dense texture gives amazing
caramel flavours while still being quite a savoury cheese. The
reason this cheese tastes so great is the milk collected from the
local dairies are nutrient and cream rich.

Cornish fact of the day
The Cornish language can be traced back to the 7th century
where it started to diverge from Welsh. As English started to
take over the country, the language quickly started to die out.
The last known native speaker of Cornish was Dolly Pentreath
who died in 1777. At the beginning of the 20th century, a revival of sorts occurred to bring the language back as academics were determined to never lose it. Although UNESCO declared it extinct in 2009, a census in 2011 revealed 2,000
people to be fluent in Cornish. And the meaning of Kern? It’s
Cornish for round... of course.

Drink with
• Brown Ale
• Mead
• Chardonnay

Eat with
• Drizzled with caramel
• Shave over butterscotch pudding
• Muscatel

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