D’affinois Excellence - The cheese equivalent to Twister

D’affinois Excellence - The cheese equivalent to Twister

D’affinois Excellence The cheese equivalent to Twister

  • Producer - Fromagerie Guilloteau
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 3 weeks

In the not so distant past of 1981, a backyard cheese maker in
a small French town decided to approach cheesemaking in an
entirely different way. For centuries, the curds and whey
process was followed until the brave Jean-Claude Guilloteau
decided to use micro filtration to remove the liquid. This
process resulted in a super creamy and highly sort after
cheese the world over that had people wanting more and
cheesemakers wanting to know how he did it. This was the
most creamy of creamy cheeses... Until now. The release of the
“Excellence” is a triple cream version of what we thought was
already creamy. Does the world need this? Probably not.
It was hard to imagine creamier. This is totally unnecessary and
we love it!

If you’ve tasted d’Affinois, then you’ve tasted d’Affinois
Excellence. There really isn’t much difference in flavour but the
feel when it enters your mouth, it slides over your touch and the
cream rubs against the insides of your cheeks is what this thing
is all about. This is indulgence washed down with bubbles baby.

Twister fact of the day
We very much liken this cheese to that sometimes-awkward
game of Twister. Did you know that when Twister was
introduced in 1966, it was denounced by critics as “sex in a
box”. Retailers thought it was too sexy for their shelves so they
didn’t carry it. Although the world couldn’t get enough, the
Germans hated it as the women had to take their shoes off.
Germans aside, Twister has led to many marriages. And that,
my friend, is why this cheese is like Twister.

Drink with
• Bubbles
• Champagne
• Sparkling
• Champers
• You get it

Eat with
• Light breads
• Lavosh
• Wafer
• Quince


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