D'Affinois Bleu

~ The Bleu for all ~
Quite easily, the good folk at Fromagerie Guilloteau would be considered pioneers in forging new ways of making cheese. Unlike the traditional ‘curds and whey’ approach of cheesemaking, these guys use ultrafiltration to remove much of the liquid to leave a solid that is rich in nutrients and high in fat. The result of this process means a cheese that is super creamy, rich and brilliant! Their story started in 1981 when cheese lover Jean-Claude Guilloteau created Pave Dauphinois in his small workshop. Later, changing its name to Pave d’Affinois, the small cube shaped cheese found wide success in US setting up the business for future success.
PRODUCER:  Fromagerie Guilloteau
ORIGIN: Pélussin, France
AGEING: 1 month  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 7/10
• Champagne
• Chardonnay
• Voignier
• Lavosh
• Burnt Fig Jam
• Muscatel

The blue veins in this cheese give the usual tang and bite as you’d expect from the mould, but combine that with the velvety and luscious texture of your typical d’Affinois, then you are in heaven! Due to the creaminess, this cheese is essentially a rich blue brie that has a sweet-blue aftertaste. Everything about this cheese wants you to keep on going. And let’s not forget, it is nutrient rich… Health kick starter?


In the world of cheesemaking, Fromagerie Guilloteau is a very young company. Becoming one of the larger fine cheese makers on this planet has required them to build an industry of milk collection just to serve them. Churning through 25 million litres of milk each year requires special planning as it works with over 100 local producers who have an average of 50 cows each in their herd. Coming from the mostly mountainous region of the Rhone-Alpes region, the milks are inherently rich in proteins to make the cheese rich, smooth and creamy.

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