Fermier - A return to tradition

Fermier - A return to tradition

Fermier A return to tradition

  • Producer - L’Artisan
  • Origin - Australia
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 2 to 4 months

Matthieu Megard has continually proven to be one of the
country’s best cheese makers. Hailing from France, this third
generation cheesemaker captures the essence of his surrounds
of the Great Ocean Road and combines that with his knowledge
of French cheese making. It’s no wonder why we have
continually featured his produce.

Fermier translates to “farmhouse” and this cheese certainly
does give a feeling of hand made labours of love. But when the
wheel is cut open, it reveals something quite special that is rarely
seen in the more modern cheese making world - a layer of ash.
This process is called Morbier.

Over the centuries, any left over curds were put into a mould
and a layer of ash sprinkled over the top to preserve it for the
next day’s production. This process of layers of curd were
continued until the hoop was full and the cheese was formed.
Matthieu has brought this age old tradition back to life giving an
insight into a bygone era.

Although this is a semi hard cheese, the texture in the mouth is
quite smooth with a slight grainy feel from the fine ash. The
washed rind gives that typical smell of a great stinky cheese yet
the flavour is more mild given its firmness.

Morbier fact of the day
Morbier cheese was always only for the consumption of the
cheesemaker and his family and never sold to the public. This
cheese was first created in the Jura Mountains of the French
Alps in the 19th century. The ash at the top of each layer
stopped the cheese from forming a rind and also kept the bugs
away. Once the cheese is complete, it is brushed with salty
water each day leaving a sticky and pungent rind.

Drink with
• Sauv Blanc
• Pinot Grigio
• Riesling
• Pale Ale

Eat with
• Try as a fondue
• Melt on sour dough
• Apricot Chutney


A selection of cheeses by Australian producer L'Artisan

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