Goat Camembert - An Evolving Cheese

Goat Camembert - An Evolving Cheese

Goat Camembert An Evolving Cheese

  • Producer - Milawa Cheese Co
  • Origin - Australia
  • Milk Type - Goat
  • Ageing - 2 weeks

The romance of making cheese is one that is in many of us. But
in the case of David & Anne Brown, their cheese romance
started in 1988 when they bought the historic Milawa Butter
Factory. As with all good ideas, Cheese legend, Richard
Thomas, stopped by his old school mate’s house, David. Over
a few wines and cheese, they plotted what it would take to
make the ‘best cheese factory in Victoria’. They needed a great
dairying area as well as being close to the markets of Sydney
and Melbourne. Naturally they were very familiar with Brown
Brothers winery as their customary stop on Uni days ski trips.
And close by was the old Butter Factory. The rest is history.

The great thing about this cheese is how it changes so much as
it matures. Young, it is fresh, firm and citrusy. As it ages, the rind
and inside breaks down to give a flowing and luscious cheese
with a strong goaty flavour. The sign of it reaching maturity is
brownish flecks on the rind. This cheese will go well eaten past
its Best Before date. If eating when fully ripe, allow the cheese
to come to room temperature to allow the pungency of its rind
to disappear.

Goast cheese fact of the day
We often think of goats as playful and free running. This is very
much the case! Unlike their bovine counterparts, goats
respond very well to personal care. Their milk can vary vastly
due to their free spirit of eating anything and everything from
grasses, weeds and shrubs. The cheese from goat milk has
much less fat, cholesterol and calories of cows milk cheese. But
it also takes about twice as much milk to produce the cheese as
it is so ‘thin’ compared to cows milk. They even produce 10
times less than what a cow produces. So many things
stacked against the cheesemaker, but it still is one of the more
interesting and varying flavours.

Drink with
• Chardonnay
• Champagne
• Chenin Blanc

Eat with
• Lavosh
• Blueberries
• Roasted Figs
• Honey



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