Gorganzola Dolce, Mauri

Gorganzola Dolce, Mauri

~ La Dolce Vita ~

Ah, la dolce vita – a phrase that could only come from Italy and sums up in three little words the good life, the reverence of sheer pleasure and of indulgence. Certainly the Italians know better than most how to find the wonder and beauty in the simplest of things, and no more so than in their food and wine.

Here at Cheese Therapy we cannot get enough of Italian cheese, and this gorgeous little Gorgonzola is a perfect example of why. Made by Mauri in the Alpine region of Lombardy, it is a true celebration of cheese at its simplest and most delicious.

As well as being perfect for the cheeseboard it also makes a very versatile cooking cheese. Use it in salads with its classic partners pear and walnuts, on quiches, pizzas or stir it through cooked pasta, The options are endless and inevitably delicious!

AGEING: 2 months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10

• Gewürztraminer
• Frontignac
• Recioto & Vinsanto (or ruby port if you can’t find them)


• Pears
• Nuts
• Lavosh

Mild and creamy by blue standards, this Gorgonzola Dolce is instantly recognisable for having a greener mould than most blue cheeses. The colour of the paste is ivory and smooth and soft in texture, ready to melt in your mouth. The flavours are creamy, mild and lingering, a perfect cheese for those who are not so keen on strong blues.


You may notice that there are two types of Gorgonzola when you are out ordering or buying cheese– dolce and piccante – and it is worth knowing the difference. As the names may suggest they refers to the style of the cheese – dolce (sweet) being the younger, milder, creamier version, and piccante (spicy) the intense, sharper, crumblier cheese, aged for longer to achieve more complexity.

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