Il Lupo by Section 28

Il Lupo by Section 28

~ Heavenly Raclette Duo ~

When a duo complements each other in perfect precision, it’s like heaven to your ears… or to your mouth in this case! Combining a local Adelaide Hills Cider with a French trained cheesemaker, gives you one duo you will want to be in the company of, again and again. You don't need to wait for the full moon to howl at this big cheese! 'The Wolf’, in Italian, Il Lupo is a tribute to the orchardists of the Adelaide Hills. Il Lupo is made in a traditional raclette-style before being bathed in the fabulous LOBO cider, made just down the road by their good friends. What makes it complete is the 3 month minimum ageing process in the Section 28 cave! Then... it's alive and ready to rise for worship.

PRODUCER:  Section 28
ORIGIN: Adelaide Hills, SA, Australia
AGEING: 4 months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10

• Cider
• Tea
• Pinot Gris


• Melted onto Crusty Bread
• Sweet/Savoury Jam
• Potatoes with Pickles


Il Lupo is handcrafted using pasteurised cow's milk and has a sticky rind with a yeasty aroma that hints of cider, balanced by a silky smooth pâté tasting of fresh nuts with a meaty, savoury finish.


The earliest writings of raclette date back to 1291 from Swiss- German convents. Tradition has it that Swiss cow herders would take this cheese with them. At night they would melt the cheese by a fire and scrape onto bread. In fact, the name raclette is derived from the French word ‘racler’ which means ‘to scrape’.

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