Jacquin Buchette Ash

~ From cosy little goats ~
The Jacquin family have been making traditional goat's milk cheeses for over 60 years. The milk is sourced from local farmers close by, who are so protective of the quality of their milk that they keep their goats in cosy barns overnight. This ensures not only their safety but also prevents them from foraging on food that may effect the taste of the milk - therefore effecting the cheese. Cosy little goats indeed!
PRODUCER:  Fromagerie Jacquin
ORIGIN: France
AGEING: 2 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 4/10
• Riesling
• Chardonnay
• Sparkling wine
• In a salad with beetroot
• On crusty bread
• Lettuce

This is a beautiful cheese to include on a cheeseboard - the striking contrast of the black ash dusted onto the pure white is a delight for the eye. The Buchette is a mild and tangy fresh chevre and is slightly moist. Fantastic to use in cooking as well.

It’s easy to think that ash cheeses such as brie and chèvre are a modern world “everything black is cool when it’s white” hipster talk. But the practice of ash dates back centuries in French markets as the season entered Winter. As the temperature dropped, the animals milk would soon stop. The cheesemongers would sprinkle ash on the cheese for two reasons. The first was to indicate that cheese supply was coming to an end. The second reason was that ash gave the cheese a few more weeks of life in a fridge-less World.
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