Jensen's Red

~ Nature's Wild One ~

What an absolute art - like an abstract painter with a brush, this Jensen’s Red is a true skill to master and a creative outlet for our friends at Tarago River. Named after cheesemaker Laurie Jensen and influenced greatly by seasonal milk conditions, it’s nature's wild child. This is a tricky cheese to craft but when done right, oh my crackers and cheese, it’s a moment! This is one of those moments. How do they do it you ask? Well well, we can’t give all their secrets away, it’s cheese code. But between us, they wash the surface of the chalky curds with a light brine solution that encourages the brevi-bacterium linens and LAF yeasts added in the wash to run free like a wild mare in the Victorian wind. What happens next is really Mother Nature’s magic. When perfectly ripe, it oozes with creamy goodness and shows off a brilliant yellow soft mould rind. Grab your piece of paradise and grab a full bodied chardonnay, this is a moment to be savoured.

PRODUCER:  Tarago River Cheese
ORIGIN: Gippsland, VIC, Australia
AGEING: 2 months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10
• Full bodied chardonnay
• Marc de Champagne
• Medjool dates
• Sour cherries
• Fruit bread

The regular washing helps to develop a rounded flavour from the many strains of cultures created giving you a creamy and rich flavour and a delectable mould rind.

LAF Yeasts are important microorganisms in the cheesemaking process, having a great effect on the flavour and texture. They may also contribute to the appearance of some cheeses like the Jensen’s Red and can be used as a technological tool. Consequently, it becomes more and more successful to add selected and controlled yeast cultures. Origin Yeast cultures are the result of the latest technological development within cultures for cheese ripening. The yeast cultures are selected single strains with origin in French traditional cheesemaking.
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