Langres - The Most Fun Cheese in the World!

Langres - The Most Fun Cheese in the World!

Langres  The Most Fun Cheese in the World!

  • Producer - Fromagerie Germaine
  • Origin - France
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 5 weeks

When we started Cheese Therapy, this was the one cheese we
have always wanted to do. This is perhaps the most fun cheese
you could ever get. Let’s find out why this thing is so much fun!

This cheese is an appellation cheese meaning that pretty much
most aspects of its milk and production are controlled by a set of
rules. Langres (pronounced Long) comes from the Champagne
region in France. The cows are only allowed to graze within the
vines of Champagne. If I was a cow, I can’t think of anything
better! And if you think that sounds pretty spectacular, it gets
even better.

The most fun thing about Langres is the way it is traditionally
served. When in Champagne, you are obviously pouring Cham-
pagne. The Langres has a small well in the top of about 5mm
into which you pour a little champers. Let it soak in for a minute
and then pour a little more. The ultimate party starter!

This cheese is quite firm compared to other French washed
rinds with sometimes a crumbly centre. As the champers take
hold, the fermented flavours of the bubbles mix well with the
strong and nutty flavours to produce something to eat
between sips.

Party Starter idea of the day
Perhaps the only thing cooler than the Langres and pouring
Champagne onto it would be to sabre the Champagne bottle
first! This is the act of using a sabre, sword or chef’s knife (don’t
tell chef) to remove the top portion of the glass that holds the
cork in place. Because the pressure in the bottle is 4
atmospheres, there is no risk of glass shards being left behind.

Drink with
• Champagne
• Champers
• Bubbles
• Bubbly
• and more Champers!

Eat with
• Champagne
It’s a meal
you know!


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