Le rouge - French heart and soul

Le rouge - French heart and soul

Le rouge French heart and soul

  1. Producer - L’Artisan Cheese
  2. Origin - Australia
  3. Milk Type - Cow
  4. Ageing - 4 weeks

There’s no mistaking that the world is in love with French
cheese. Seriously, it is the heart of the fromage world and has
given rise to flavours and styles that cheese makers across the
globe try to copy, often with little success. This cheese, on the
other hand, has some serious French pedigree. Although it is
made in Australia, it’s cheese maker, Matthieu Megard, is third
generation cheese maker from the French Alps. This influence,
coupled with his sourcing of local organic milk from single herd
Jersey cows has captured a true cheese of the world.

The striking orange hue clearly represents this as a washed-rind
cheese, yet its taste, while young is more traditional
camembert-like. You can taste the French influence as
Matthieu’s heritage showcases a class cheese. As the cheese
ages, the paste breaks down and starts to ooze more while the
outside becomes more sticky as the bacteria develops and
grows. With age, the stench becomes stronger, showing you
off as a true cheese lover.

Jersey Cow fact of the day
Of all the breeds of cows, Jersey cows produce the richest
content which is very high in butterfat, vitally important for
making great cheese. The milk is also much higher in protein,
calcium, phosphorous and vitamin B12. They also produce
more milk per kilo of body weight compared with any other
breed. Jersey cows have some very interesting personality
quirks that set them apart. This breed are always
troublemakers, they play with their tongues and they want to
know about everything. They love to hang out in groups and
there can often be a leader of the heard. And, by far, they have
the cutest babies!

Drink with
• Pinot Noir
• Stout
• Champagne

Eat with
• Oaten Biscuits
• Baguette
• Cranberries
• Grapes

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Le Rouge

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