Marinated Feta, Coal River Farm

Marinated Feta, Coal River Farm

~ The Star of the Dish~

What started as a lifestyle change of knitting and growing vegetables, has now become one of Tasmania's best-loved producers of cheese, chocolate and condiments. It's easy to see from just taking one simple bite the amount of love and care that goes into their cheesemaking.

PRODUCER:  Coal River Farm
ORIGIN: Richmond, TAS, Australia
AGEING: 2 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 3/10
• Dry or Sweet sparkling wine

• Rosé
• Reisling
• Cider

• Toasted Sourdough
• In Salad
• Antipasto


A versatile cheese that is divine, simply on a toasted baguette or added to a salad. Coal River's Marinated Feta is infused with garlic, Italian herbs, olive oil and vegetable oil. The sky is the limit as to how you would like to eat this cheese! Remember, if you only use a portion of the cheese, make sure the oil keeps the cheese covered in the jar so it doesn't dry out! 

Love cheese? Well, you really can! Research suggests that casein – a protein found in dairy products and highly concentrated in cheese releases opiates called casomorphins as it digests. These opiates can signal comfort to the brain indirectly via hormones. So, you heard it here first! Cheese really does make everything better!

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