Monte Nardi

~ Italian Prize Cheese ~
Monte Nardi is a hard cow milk cheese that pays tribute to the early Italian settlers of the Northern Rivers region; it is Australia’s first truly regional cheese. Italian settlers began arriving at the beginning of last century from the Venuto region and surrounds of northern Italy, bringing their local farmhouse cheese making skills with them. Over a period of time reaching out and learning from the generations before them, Nimbin Valley crafted the Monte Nardi to perfection!
PRODUCER:  Nimbin Valley Dairy
ORIGIN: Nimbin Valley, NSW, Australia
AGEING: 3 months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 4/10
• Prosecco
• Gin, Tonic and Pear
• Aperol Spritz
• Walnuts
• Fresh Figs
• Balsamic
• Grapes

This cheese displays beautiful fresh milk flavours and the classic ‘grassiness’ that comes from using the milk of pasture fed cows. At 3 months the flavour is mild and sweet with a hint of caramel that becomes increasingly prominent and complex with age.

Monte Nardi is an everyday Italian farmhouse cheese, traditionally always on the table at mealtimes. It can also be grated and grilled and used to top of pasta in a similar way to parmesan as it ages and becomes drier. Experiment with it - it’s a cheese of the people, with no rules. 
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