Nashua Washed Rind

~ Bold and Brave ~
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover they say and similar applies to stinky cheese! Don’t judge a cheese by it’s stench - because the tastiest of cheeses with the fullest flavour, often smell as strong as three day old socks! Nashua Washed Rind is one stinky delight that surely showcases this. Being a washed rind soft cheese crafted from cow milk, it’s similar in shape and size to a camembert, but more bold and brave with its tasty, yeasty outer. When young, the paste has a chalky texture which matures into a very creamy and soft cheese with a buttery yellow centre. You want to wait as long as you can to devour this special delight. The stinkier the tastier - trust us on this! We only tell fibs when we want to hide our secret cheese stash. Wait, what cheese stash?!
PRODUCER:  Nimbin Valley Dairy
ORIGIN: Nimbin Valley, NSW, Australia
AGEING: 4-8 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10
• Crisp White Wine
• Shiraz
• Full-bodied Draught Beer
• Warm Bread
• Cured Meats
• Fresh Pear Slices

The Nashua Washed Rind cheese can be eaten 3-4 weeks after manufacture, but is at its best aged 6 to 8 weeks. This is when the paste has a consistency of soft butter. The taste is pungent and complex with strong grassy flavours. The cheese will continue to ripen beyond 8 weeks but the pungent flavour and aroma may be too strong for some. If you love a stinky, let it fully mature, but if you’re new to the whole washed rind game, then perhaps taste test a little now and see if it’s developed to your liking.

Peter and Kerry Wilson, the men behind Nimbin Valley Dairy, nurture both goats and cows in a free range, sustainably-focused farm. They say the cows are often far more independent than  the goats, who prefer some company and a good scratch behind the ears.
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