Organic Hand Ladled Stilton

Organic Hand Ladled Stilton

~ Big, Blue & Beautiful ~

It’s refreshing to see enduring businesses in a throwaway society. Often a business going for 10 years is “a long time”. But when it comes to Cropwell Bishop, 160 years is kind of a big deal. Having endured so much over this time, wars, depression and changing tastes, the family continues to run one of the world’s highest regarded dairies to produce a quality of cheese that is deserving of its many awards.

PRODUCER:  Cropwell Bishop Creamery

ORIGIN: England

AGEING: 12 weeks  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 6/10
• Dessert Wines
• Claret
• Lager
• Pears
• Walnuts
• Drzzle with truffled honey

This delicious White Wensleydale is a young cheese with a crumbly, moist texture and tangy flavour with a refreshing after taste. The acidity is balanced with a hint of honey flavour.

Traditionally this cheese is enjoyed at Christmas time with fruit cake or plum pudding. Personally, any time of the year for White Wensleydale is good for me!


Like many other worldly cheeses, Stilton is a “protected” cheese, only being made by just six producers in three counties to an approved recipe. The Stilton Cheesemaker’s Association keeps a tight reign on their trademark, manufacturing and promotions to ensure that everything is perfect before leaving the dairy. Formed in 1936, the SCMA also protect the much lesser known White Stilton which rarely sees the light of day in this country.

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