Port Salut - Raise the flag! The cheese is here!

Port Salut - Raise the flag! The cheese is here!

Port salut Raise the flag! The cheese is here!

  • Producer – Bel 
  • Origin - France 
  • Milk Type - Cow 
  • Ageing - 1 month

To avoid persecution in France in 1789 during the French Revolution, a group of monks fled the country. To support themselves, many learned cheesemaking which they brought back after the Bourbon Restoration.

In 1816, a small group of Trappist monks from Abbaye du Port du Salut in Entrammes in the Loire Valley first created the Port Salut. Originally created to be consumed within the confines of the monastery, their masterpiece eventually made it to the Parisian markets and by 1873, the weekly deliveries were highly anticipated. In such demand was this cheese that a flag was raised announcing that the cheese had arrived.

As a French washed rind, this is a very subtle cheese. The soft texture gives a great feel in the mouth and a taste that makes it a very snackable cheese. Whether you are serving for friends, being fancy-schmancy with a dinner party or looking for that quick fridge snack, this one scores very high on the Snackability Scale. In fact we give it 8.5.


The Bourbon Restoration relates to period between 1814 and 1830 following the fall of Napoleon and the July 1830 revolution. Many of the exiled elite returned to the country, including Louis XVIII who had lived abroad in the UK, Russia and Prussia. This was an exciting time for France as many new learnings and cultures were brought back to influence a new wave of the French revitalisation.

Drink with
• Cabernet Franc
• Rosé
• Pinot Noir
• Amber Ale

Eat with
• Fig Relish
• Cabernet Paste
• A range of fruits


Port Salut

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