Saviour Blue

~ Sometimes success comes from failure ~
One quality of most cheesemakers is their ability to wait for a cheese to mature. Particularly those makers who specialise in hard and blue cheeses that require several months to be at their prime. So spare a thought for the poor cheesemaker who opens one of their blue cheeses that has been sitting in the cave for six months, waiting for the mould to develop only to find that the holes to aerate the core had collapsed due to too much cream. Well that is the story of Saviour Blue. Aptly named as this cheese has been a saving grace for Milawa turning a failure into a new found success.
PRODUCER:  Milawa Cheese Co
ORIGIN: Milawa, VIC, Australia
AGEING: 6 months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 5/10
• Chenin Blanc
• Pinot Noir
• Gin & Tonic
• Figs
• Walnuts
• Crusty Bread


Realising that the mould hadn’t developed properly, the creamy white cheese with a slight blue hint had its rind cut off and was then chopped up. Combined with another blue, the mix was firmly pressed together to create a club blue with a rich buttery flavour, beautiful aged characteristics and a small hint of blue.


Quite often you will see in a supermarket a “vintage club cheddar”. But what exactly is a club cheddar anyway? Basically, a club cheese is when two or more cheeses are blended and then formed back together into a block under great force. It’s a generally a matter of trial and error in what cheeses are put together, how they combine, their flavours and texture. Quite often, club cheddars have other flavours such as peppercorns or sun-dried tomatoes added to enhance them.

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