Triple Cream Brie by Bream Creek

Triple Cream Brie by Bream Creek

~ Oozy indulgence you want to last forever ~

If you were to ask us for a prime example of a perfect, indulgent creamy Brie that melts on your tongue. The kind of Brie that makes time stop the moment you put a bit in your mouth. The kind of Brie that puts a big, cheese smile on your face because it's just that good! Let us tell you, this would be your answer.

PRODUCER:  Bream Creek Dairy

ORIGIN: Bream Creek, TAS, Australia

AGEING: 1-2 weeks |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 4/10


• Pinot Gris
• Cider
• Summer Ale

• Strawberries
• Chocolate
• Fuji Apples


Like any triple cream Brie this one melts on top of your tongue. But it tastes a bit differentl - in a great way! There is just something with this cheese that makes you want the moment to last a little bit longer, and the cheese to be a little bit bigger. Why? Because you simply can’t have enough of this indulgence.

It has a beautiful white forest of mould growing on the outside (yes do eat it, it’s delicious!) with a creamy, buttery interior. If left at room temperature before being tucked into the creamy inside of the cheese will start to ooze out.


This is a third generation dairy farm, pretty special right! Its journey begun in 1958 when John Bignell bought acerage at Bream Creek on Tasmania’s south-east coast. He set up his own dairy with a herd of 12 cows. Being kept within the family, today they own around 800 (!!) cows and operate as a larger dairy but also artisan cheesemaker! Whilst being a dairy for many years, they only recently begun making cheese, and aren’t we lucky they did!

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