Triple Cream Brie - From raspberries to cheese

Triple Cream Brie From raspberries to cheese

  • Producer – Trinity Cellars
  • Origin - Australia
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 2 weeks
What do you get when you cross a media & marketing person
with a jazz pianist? The luscious Triple Cream Brie of course!
Realising that to avoid the bankruptcy of her father’s dairy due
to ever decreasing milk prices, Sheree quickly learnt the skills
to create a wide range of soft goat and cow cheeses. The rest
is history as their growing business has produced a much
needed injection into the local Adelaide Hills economy that
was once better known for textiles.

The cheese story is one of “almost by accident” as is common
among many dairy farmers in Australia. Cheese wasn’t always
in Sheree’s blood, nor was it in her father’s who’s original plan
was to grow raspberries. Having bought a farm with two milking
goats, he converted the shed to a dairy. Many struggling
farmers faced despair over milk prices which has led to the
farmhouse cheese movement where the cheese maker also
produces the milk.

Although a triple cream, this cheese is not as buttery as others,
giving a beautiful balance of creaminess and acidity. This rich
and creamy cheese is sure to delight when you have that glass
of bubbles in one hand and cheese in the other. I think dinner
could be sorted?

Milk price fact of the day
Quite often we hear about how hard a time the Australian dairy
industry is having. But let’s take a look at some approximate
numbers. The bulk of milk is produced in spring and summer
when cows are fat, happy and the grass grows fast. During this
time, a farmer gets 22c/Litre. In autumn and winter, milk is in
greater demand due to lower yields thus attracting about
38c/Litre. The breakeven price for a farmer is about 30c/Litre!
It’s no wonder the industry is struggling.

Drink with
• Australian Sparkling, from the Adelaide Hills of course

Eat with
• Duchy Oaten Biscuits
• Chilli Plum Paste

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