Truffle Triple Cream Brie - Cream of the Sunshine Coast

Truffle Triple Cream Brie - Cream of the Sunshine Coast

Truffle Triple Cream Brie Cream of the Sunshine Coast

  • Producer - Woombye Cheese
  • Origin - Australia
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 3 weeks 

What could possibly be more indulgent than a triple cream brie? A triple cream brie infused with black truffle, that’s what!

Pinch yourself now, you haven’t just died and gone to heaven. This cheese really does exist, and it comes from our own backyard in beautiful Woombye on the Sunshine Coast. And at a time when our dairies are struggling and need your support, you can gorge on this cheese safe in the knowledge that you are doing it for the good of others!

Although some pasteurised bries can lack the earthy complex flavours of their raw milk cousins, the clever cheese-makers at Woombye have royally compensated for this by adding the most intense flavour of them all, black truffle. The result is a cheese so dangerously indulgent they should keep it locked up.

Once suitably ripened, the best of Woombye’s bries are selected, cut open horizontally, and the opulent black truffle paste spread generously across the middle like the jam in a Victoria sponge. The cheese is then further ripened so the rich flavours of the truffle can infuse and perfume the cheese. Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is…


The rich creaminess of a triple cream brie is taken to another level with the addition of the heavenly Italian black truffle paste, exuding its earthy, forest floor flavours. The paste forms a gorgeous dark contour running like a vein through the middle of the cheese so gives it that extra wow factor on the cheeseboard.


While the French prefer pigs to hunt their truffles, their use is banned in Italy, where truffle-hunters always use dogs. It seems that pigs are a little too partial to eating the truffles…


• Nebbiolo
• Barbera
• Champagne or Rich Cava


• Sourdough
• Green Apples
• Crisp Pears


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