Vintage Clothbound Cheddar by Quicke's

Vintage Clothbound Cheddar by Quicke's

~ It’s how cheddar should be made ~
Quicke's Cheddar

One of the great traditions of the cheese world is the origin of cheeses and their influence on the wider turophile community. Where would the world be without the French northern region of Brie or even the town of Camembert? Great cheese styles of today are named after their birth town many centuries ago. But then there’s the United Kingdom. We all know they are a little different. In a place where it’s illegal to be in charge of a cow if you are drunk, and all beached whales and sturgeon must be offered to the reigning monarch, would it be crazy to think Stilton is from Stilton and Cheddar from Cheddar? Not so crazy now is it? Cheddar, of course is from Devon, 100km away from Cheddar. Why? Because they’re British.

PRODUCER:  Quicke's 
ORIGIN: England
AGEING: 18 months  |  MILK TYPE:    |  STRENGTH: 2/10


• Stout
• Pale Ale
• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Chardonnay


• Big tasting salad
• Pesto
• Quince paste

One of the first comments that people make about this cheddar is how it reminds them of their childhood. Great cheddar seemed to go on vacation for many years in Australia, only to now make a comeback with this fine example. Made in the traditional way of patience and time, this cheddar is matured under cloth for at least 18months, allowing the cheese to breathe. The creaminess, crumble and bite will renew your love for cheddar.
Cheddar fact of the day
On average, Cheddar is one of the more expensive cheese to create for several reason. A great cheddar takes about 10 litres of milk to produce just 1kg of cheese. Soft cheeses, such as Brie, take just 7-8litres. But it doesn’t stop there. Cheddar makers are patient people. Each day they turn their massive 25kg wheels to ensure great ageing. Each day, that is for 18-24months! And it’s not cheap to store cheese. The temperature and humidity needs to be consistent. There are so many more but you get the idea. We just say nibble away my turophile friend.
Quicke's Cheddar can sometimes be found in our monthly Cheese Therapy Globetrotter Pack
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