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Apostle Whey Cheese


Dairy farmers Julian and Dianne Benson launched Apostle Whey Cheese in 2005. It is the quintessential paddock-to-plate farming and artisanal produce operation. They produce their own pure milk from a contented herd of Jerseys and Aussie Reds, farmed just a short drive from the Twelve Apostles and Great Ocean Road. 
Every decision about the Benson family farm at Apostle Whey Cheese is made with two things in mind— the welfare of the dairy herd and the quality of the milk. These combined passions of sustainable dairy farming and boutique, artisanal produce has seen Apostle Whey Cheese become the home of hand-made, award-winning cheese. Based in the tiny rural community of Cooriemungle, they are a major tourist drawcard in this stunning slice of Australia. 
A critical component to the delectable flavours of Apostle Whey Cheese, their dairy herd has been carefully bred to produce milk with high butterfat and protein levels. If you’re in the area, you can enjoy free cheese tastings, refreshments and onsite sales as you look out across beautiful, green farmland. You may even be lucky enough to see newborn calves, if you time your visit across autumn to early spring. 


Julian and Dianne have created incredible cheeses that have won awards here in Australia and overseas, including gold and silver at the prestigious International Cheese and Dairy Awards in Nantwich, England. But it certainly wasn’t handed to them. It was earned through decades of dairy farming experience and a passionate belief in working with their environment. 
The Great Ocean Road region is a dynamic environment, and Julian and Dianne believe in working with it. Their 350 acres of well-cared for green pastures are not just home to their milking and calf-rearing paddocks, but also to a growing population of native birds, which in turn take care of pests. 
The Bensons’ deep farming knowledge and care for the environment directly results in higher milk-yield and high butter fat and protein content. The milk is piped straight from the on-site dairy to the adjacent boutique cheese factory, where the Apostle Whey Cheeses are all hand-made. 
There is great joy in having transformed the property into a sustainable farming operation. The health and wellbeing of the cows is paramount, and this translates into amazing milk quality, which forms the base of all the moreish, handmade, artisanal Apostle Whey cheeses. 


  • Artisan cow’s milk cheeses
  • On-site artisanal produce shop, also supporting local producers
  • A true paddock-to-plate experience
  • Daily cow-milking
  • Daily personalised cheese-tasting
  • Award-winning cheese
  • Open year round


The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s most scenic drives. Situated along the southern Victorian coastline, the 664-kilometre drive is a magnificent self-touring experience. There are many accommodation, recreational and food and wine options between surf capital Torquay and the historic fishing village of Port Fairy. 
The iconic Twelve Apostles are roughly half-way along the Great Ocean Road, between Port Fairy and Torquay. Apostle Whey Cheese is located a short twenty-minute drive from the Twelve Apostles, in Cooriemungle, which is home to over 300 people. 
It’s an idyllic location, with the climate very much depending on the time of year you visit. As you leave the surf coast, you’ll move into the green, rolling hills of fertile farming land. Whether escaping for a foodie weekend or a few days more, plan your own gourmet trail.
You’ll find everything that epitomises the Great Ocean Road—beaches, amazing views, delicious regional, artisanal produce, and boutique accommodation. You may even find yourself planning your own sea change.

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