Collection: Artisa Vegan Cheese Maker from Launceston, Tasmania

Artisa Cheese in Launceston, Tasmania for Artisans Bend


Artisa is the outcome of a passionate foodie and an avid plant-based aficionado, Julie Martyn. Julie has been a vegetarian or vegan for half her life with a huge love for food. As a trained molecular biologist she believed that there was a way to forge her own path in plant-based cheese production. Artisa cheese was born.

Artisa cheeses are 100% plant-based. They’re crafted with vegan cultures and plant-based materials. They’re multi-award winning. And they’re widely adored. Customers call them ‘the best vegan cheeses I’ve ever tried’. And claim that ‘omnivores can’t believe they're dairy free’.

Artisa cheeses are scattered across the traditional cheese range. You can try The Derwent, a fresh chevre style cashew cheese. Or the Ben Lomond, a camembert-style cheese with a traditional bloomy white rind, layered with Tasmanian vine ash. All Artisa cheeses lean into the Tasmanian local flavours to give you a uniquely Australian bite every time. In fact, Artisa is the premium producer of plant-based cheeses in Australia.


As the Artisa team says, ‘Our cheeses are real cheeses’. They are inspired by traditional cheese making traditions which, led by Julie, they combine with the innovations of modern science. Each cheese is cultured using a vegan starter. They’re then nurtured and cared for as they mature to create incredibly delicious cheese products that please vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike. 

The team makes their cheeses simply (and deliciously). They use just cashews, water, Tasmanian sea salt and culture at their most base level. No additives or preservatives. But the team doesn’t just produce a single cashew cheese, however. They draw on their own unique skills, passion and creative flair to create different styles of cheese, and drive local Tasmanian flavours and tastes into their products. This includes pepperberry, fennel pollen, black garlic, applewood and vine ash. Each of these is put together to bring that something special to the cheese.  


  • 100% plant-based cheeses
  • Vegan cultures
  • Multi-award winning products
  • Flavours sourced from the local Tasmanian area
  • Traditionally fermented
  • No added preservatives or modifiers
  • Founded by molecular biologist and embracing modern science innovations
  • Primarily made from cashews, water, Tasmanian sea salt and culture


The Tamar Valley has all the good things. Beaches, art, bushwalks, beautiful food and incredible wine. And because the producers in Tasmania are committed to sustainability, the food there is clean, green, eco and organic. So, it’s good for you as well as being good for the environment. 

The Tamar Valley was formed by volcanoes and glaciers 10 million years ago. And it’s still a fantastic place to grow food. When you’re creating plant-based cheeses, the quality of the produce is vitally important, and there’s almost no place better than the Tamar Valley.

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