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Big River Distilling Co. was founded in 2017, by Clyde Morton, and with the Distillery opening to the public in 2018.
Clyde grew up on the land farming rice 2 hours west of Wagga Wagga, before university called where he finished a General Science degree and then finished his PhD in Nuclear Physics. After a number of years working in academia, the call of the land was too strong and Clyde started working part-time in viticulture. He then went on to finish degrees in both Viticulture and Winemaking, and ended up in the dual role of viticulturist and winemaker for 7 years at one of Australia’s very best wineries, Clonakilla. Along with wine judging training and a course in botany, Clyde was now all set up to have unrivaled experience and knowledge in the sensory evaluation and production needed in distilling.
Back in 2017 with the Australian distilling industry still very much in its infancy, Clyde could see that it offered lots of opportunities to innovate and craft exceptional spirits, and that it was at a comparable level to the Australian wine industry 30 years ago.
From the beginning, the philosophy behind Big River Distilling has been to craft spirits of balance, complexity and elegance. With this ideal comes the hard work in perfectly blending different botanicals with precision to create spirits that enliven and intrigue the senses.
Our team is small with only Clyde (and help from his family on the weekends), assistant distiller, Reuben, and Josh in sales & marketing.
We welcome you to try our spirits and to see what all our knowledge and experience has produced.
ACT Liquor Licence 1100538

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