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Bora Bora Sea Salt for Artisans Bend
Some 8 years ago (when I was living in Bora Bora) someone inspired me with the idea to produce sea salt (I was the first person in French Polynesia to do so). My father Charles, an engineer, did visit me that time and installed a small test basin. We filled it with Ocean water and about a week later there was sea salt. So fascinating! Produced by the sea sun and wind. ⁣
I sent the test to a laboratory in France and got an excellent result (very clean salt & a lot of minerals of course, the water in French Polynesia is so clean).⁣ So I built my first production basin and founded my company Bora Bora Sea Salt.⁣

Now 8 years later, we have production basin and are soon building more.⁣ Our salt production is located on Motu Temahu (small island in the lagoon of Bora Bora), in the background you see Mont Otemanu“.⁣

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