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Bream Creek Dairy patting a dairy cow in Tasmania


Bream Creek Dairy is located on Tasmania’s south east coast on a farm called Stroud. Known as ‘the dairy by the sea’, it’s home to three generations of the Bignell Family, as well as a milking herd of 800 carefully bred Holstein Friesian cows. Bream Creek Dairy is definitely a family business—supporting six adults and six children in the Bignell family, and eight farm employees (that are like family!) from the surrounding area.The Bignell family have been farming their land for three generations, but have only been creating their artisanal products since 2018. But even though they’re a fairly new producer, they’re already leading the pack in terms of the pride they take in their work and in the creation of their namesake products. And once they began selling their luscious milk and handcrafted cheeses locally in Hobart, there was no looking back. Since that time they’ve gone on to produce and perfect four varieties of fine artisanal cheeses with values and standards you can taste, and now offer their products all over Australia.


There’s really no food in better harmony than cheese and wine. That’s why it made perfect sense for Bream Creek Dairy to launch their own fine wines (the perfect accompaniment to their stunning Friesian milk cheeses). Their steely dry Riesling in a fantastic match with their mild and creamy Blue. And their Bronze Medal Winning (2021 Tasmanian Wine Show) 2018 Stroud Pinot Noir, with its ripe black cherry flavours, is absolutely stunning with their Triple Cream Brie.
Whether it’s dairy-fresh milk, cheese or wine, every product that Bream Creek Dairy creates begins with a focus on their animals. Their milking herd live contentedly with their small drove on a combination of dry land and irrigated pasture. With 2000 acres of beautiful Tasmanian land to explore, it’s no wonder their healthy, happy cows produce premium milk, and it shows in the products the team produce.


  • French-style artisanal cheeses
  • Award-winning wines 
  • Premium Holstein Friesian cows
  • Products include milk, cheese and wines
  • Family owned and run for three generations


Tasmania’s south east coast is one of the most idyllic landscapes in Australia. It has incredible scenery, wildlife, heritage and even offers adventures. The Tasman Peninsula is also home to the historic Port Arthur penal settlement, with its haunting history.
With its green and rolling hills and open pastures, this area is also perfect for agricultural and farming. It has a very mild climate but with four distinct seasons that lead to abundant growth and giving it the nickname, ‘The Apple Isle’.
As you travel through the area you’ll see hills studded with cherry, apple, apricot and pear trees. Herds of sheep and dairy cows meander across the pastures, and farm stands offer up the best produce and artisanal products of the area. Tasmania has also committed to using as few chemicals and processing as possible. That means that the food produced here is some of the freshest you can find. 
On Tasmania’s south east coast you can sample some of the best milk, cheese, butter, chocolate, berries, stone fruits, apples, cherries, apricots and wines in Australia. Farm to plate is just the way things are done, and you can taste the difference in every bite.

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