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At Burtons Lane Curry Paste, we love to bring families together around the dinner table. For busy, time-poor parents like us, our Indian-style curry paste is extremely versatile and can be used as a base in a wide variety of dishes the whole family can enjoy. Every jar is handcrafted in Millthorpe NSW (using local produce where available) from a secret family recipe handed down from my great-grandparents.

Burtons Lane Curry Paste

Life was prosperous for them in India until the great depression hit, then they were forced to walk away from their coffee plantation. No longer able to afford to feed & educate their five children — four of whom had to be sent to an orphanage — they slowly built up a new income delivering home cooked meals by bicycle. They were soon being asked to make their curry paste and other condiments available to other families, and the end result was a large pickle factory in Bangalore bearing their name and which is still in operation today (although no longer owned by the family). Their success enabled them to bring all their children home.

In addition to their gift of settling in Australia, these recipes have been preserved to hand on to future generations of their family. They are a precious heirloom to us that have stood the test of time, and hopefully these yummy pastes & condiments will soon become pantry staples for your family too!

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