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Hello and welcome to Bushcraft Botanicals. Our unique products are lovingly created in Australia’s beautiful island state of Tasmania and are sent all around Australia to curious and creative home beverage enthusiasts who want native flavours for their handcrafted tipples.

I am Carolyn, Founder and Creator of Bushcraft Botanicals. As an environmental scientist I am strongly drawn to the natural environment, and I’ve long been fascinated with native foods. Australian native foods are the oldest foods on earth, and some of the botanicals that have emerged from Australia’s extreme and ancient landscape have truly remarkable flavour profiles. My personal favourites are quandongs, a desert peach that tastes sweet, sour, salty, and earthy and freeze-dried desert lime – like a grapefruit sherbet bomb!

With a passion for promoting native ingredients and a drive to get more Australians tasting Australian flavours, I created a range of alcohol infusion kits featuring native botanicals along with bush fruit garnishes and bush fruit sugar and salt rims for cocktails and mocktails.

We hope you enjoy finding your new favourite Australian flavours.


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